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Would you watch a diecast racing reality show?

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I love the idea. 

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GspeedR 3/15/23

Assuming that they would include a segment featuring the toy line(which they most likely would), it'll most likely be based on convention footage with a handful of collector interviews. Sing the praises of Mattel in front of a camera and they'll air it. All of these wonderful tracks that we've built using homemade 3D printed pieces and non-Mattel components would be avoided like the plague. If their name is on it, they're going to tow the company line, BIG time.

  • If it was Mattel sponsored, of course. But if such a racing show would exist, I don't think it would have to be Mattel-endorsed at all. All the brands would get their mentions like on any other car show. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 5/6/23
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Not so sure about this anymore...but kinda what I expected. One season is all it'll get.

  • Ok. Sorry, i thought in a way positiv on this theme, but now i think that it‘ll be only a copy of „pimp my ride“. Certanly nice to watch, but nothing to do with our hobby. — Schottys_diecast
  • Well I mean the idea of moding actual cars is nice but I would like to see one around moding the actual diecast because there a lot of people,not just those who actually know how to build real cars,could participate but I mean the idea itself ain’t.m bad — Kingjester
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redlinederby 6/5/23
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I watched the first episode of this last night and it's exactly the Pimp My Ride show I expected it to be. Thankfully, the life stories of inspiration are limited but they're there. So all in all, this show could have been called anything and it still works.

The only "Hot Wheels" thing that I saw was midway through the build, they picked out a casting and told the builders to use an idea/feature from the casting in their real car big spoilers or blown engine or whatever. 

This isn't appointment television but if you need something on while you're sitting around on the couch checking out the latest discussions here on the RLD website, it'll do just fine. But if you're looking for something Hot Wheels, you'll probably be disappointed outside of the awesome brand-heavy set they're using. 

So all we can do is hope that someone creative is seeing what all us racers are doing and actually decide to make a show about that. I mean, we build, we create, we design, we have fun, and we all have some sad/happy/inspirational tale we can tell so why not??

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dr_dodge 6/5/23

I guess its up to us then, why share the

a 3 week buildoff?  vid your own stuff? invite only a few to start?
intriguing concept

so, How would ya start a mod competition show?

  • Great Idea! I would start with a list of say, the top 20 preferred mod castings. Next would be a lottery of 20 builders. Then a draft for those builders to select a specific casting. Finally a drag race tourney to feature the 20 casting/builders to determine the over-all build-off champion. — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • I like that, simple, maybe break build episodes for paint, chassis, pre/post prep, this could work — dr_dodge
  • For a modding race competition...start with a field of X and they all have to mod the same casting. Race 'em plus beauty pageant. Next round is a little more open but still limited, like just American cars or something. Race. Final four gets to do what they want. Winner. — redlinederby
  • While racing is a big part, I think for an interesting competition show you'd have to have some sort of style voting or something. Otherwise you just get science projects. — redlinederby

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