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Would you watch a diecast racing reality show?

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I love the idea. 

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GspeedR 3/15/23

Assuming that they would include a segment featuring the toy line(which they most likely would), it'll most likely be based on convention footage with a handful of collector interviews. Sing the praises of Mattel in front of a camera and they'll air it. All of these wonderful tracks that we've built using homemade 3D printed pieces and non-Mattel components would be avoided like the plague. If their name is on it, they're going to tow the company line, BIG time.

  • If it was Mattel sponsored, of course. But if such a racing show would exist, I don't think it would have to be Mattel-endorsed at all. All the brands would get their mentions like on any other car show. — redlinederby

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