Would you watch a diecast racing reality show?

redlinederby Sunday, 3/12/2023
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Would you watch a reality show about diecast racing? I would. And not just because I'm in the hobby. I think it could be honestly entertaining given how ridiculous the premise of our hobby is in the first place. Plus, I mean, there's already a reality show for some of the most niche audiences...blacksmithing, slapping, trash picking...why would diecast racing be so crazy?

You take 2 or 3 modders that are bulding cars for a race and follow them as they customize and test their cars, and you follow the person building the track and hosting the race. There's a lot that goes into modding cars and even more than goes into tracks and race production. Plenty of challenges and struggle to make it interesting. And more so if you have a live in-person race event somewhere.

Then you throw in the drama and stories of each person and boom, you got a reality show of the most mediocre caliber. All these streaming services are looking for cheap & easy programming so why not? Hear that Netflix? Peacock? Roku? Make it happen.

Well, in the case of Peacock, it looks like they already have a Hot Wheels reality show coming. An article from Hollywood Reporter says NBC is making a car makeover show "where car fans will face off to transform an ordinary vehicle into a Hot Wheels showstopper."

Sounds a lot like the Legends Tour competition that Mattel ran the several years. I'd wager the winner of the show gets their car turned into a mainline toy. But I'm a sucker for those car makeover/restoration shows so I'll certainly give this a watch. Hopefully it'll be fun and entertaining. I don't mind Rutledge Wood either. At least he has some credibility as a Car Guy so that's a bonus.

The article doesn't say when it's coming out but I'm guessing we won't see anything until 2024.

As for the diecast racing reality show...we can dream, can't we?


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Chaos_Canyon 3/12/23

It could be an interesting premise. There are a lot of people that race but don't host/build/share tracks, so it could be great for people to see behind the curtain and the amount of work that goes into an entertaining 8-12minute video and running tournaments.

wouls also allow for some great builder challenges. A little bit like the old biker build off show, where two builders have to produce a car in whatever style they want, then the viewers vote for their favourite and add drag race and open track race as well, so it's looks and performance

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dr_dodge 3/13/23

as was said, the idea of build offs, reality shows, and maybe even weird challenges would be entertaining, for sure.

I love the idea, and also would ask another question

would you go out to an "ice house" (bar that sells only beer/wine) and watch/participate in races?

If a "venue" had a couple mt style tracks, a drag strip, rally, joust, etc would you show up?

can die cast racing support a "clubbin' " enviroment, (maybe even throw in an open mike music side to it.)

I am at retirement age, and have been seriously thinking about what to do not in the work force, and something like this could be a lot of fun, but could you actually keep the doors open?

  • I would definitely go to a place to booze and race. Right now I go to a spot called "my kids former playroom". I would also like to leave the house sometime to race and drink with others. An upscale diecast mancave. — ChaseFamilyRacing
  • I am in am unrestricted development area of houston, got a shop full of crap, maybe I need to convert it — dr_dodge
  • already 2 story, launch counter (pun intended ) upstairs — dr_dodge
  • Honestly, I was thinking about, "What if there was a place, like a bar, with a glass top and front and a simple dragstrip laid in underneath the glass?" It would be accessible through doors on the back of the counter, be waterproofed up top (just in case), and you would be able to watch the entire race from start to finish behind the glass with no interference. Maybe even put some cameras in so you could watch the cars coming down the track on a screen behind the bar. There are some bars are already putting display screens in the countertops for gaming, so why not build a full-on dragstrip in there? Ramp and starting gate on one end to load the cars, shoot the cars down into the bar, catch box on the other end with the finish line timer ....... it's a feasible idea. — SpyDude
  • oh, I like that, sit at the bar and watching racing — dr_dodge
  • Many years ago, one RLD member (Jobe) started a racing league at his local bar. Did it once a week or so. I think they had two classes: Bring Your Ride and just a blind-draw for patrons on-site. If you partner with a bar and do events midweek they'll probably be cool with it. It might bring in some people, who knows. — redlinederby
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H3zzard 3/13/23

I'd probably watch it, provided that it didn't end up too scripted and/or delve too far into the "Here's a sob story from one of the competitors that has nothing to do with the show but we wanted some emotional stakes" route. In that respect though, I think the YouTube creators are doing / would do things better than a 'big budget' production. 

The LEGO Masters series is a fairly recent example of this type of show - kids toys but adult creators. I was able to watch the first season (of the US version) before the next season ended up being shoved into some graveyard schedule because not many people watched it! Obviously a very niche audience situation (plus the UK version was awful). 

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Numbskull 3/13/23

That--would be awesome.

In every competition reality show I've seen there's always at least one french Canadian guy, I can be that guy :D

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SPHYPHON 3/13/23

I would be hyped if that becomes a reality (pun intended) 

Netflix had some Champions type show where they followed competitors documentary-style. Some random competitions i cant remember them off hand. It would be intresting to see a Hot Wheels version. 

  • The one with the girl chasing cheese down a hill? — LobotomyScam
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Kingjester 3/13/23

I mean if 3d makes it work on YouTube with all the funny stories and characters he created like the crazy brothers,and terry hill just to name a few.If he can make it entertaining then I can see a legitimate reality show also proving to be entertaining it's really just a matter of how they do it and how they approach the idea

probably not, but not because I don't like the topic, I just generally don't care for "reality" shows

  • I hate them, too. The only way it would be good is if a honorable documentary crew did it. No fake stuff, just racing, building, and whatever. — LobotomyScam
  • I agree with that, loose the fake drama and just build the damn'd whatever it is. — dr_dodge
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MadMike 3/14/23

Watch it be for real car and not hotwheels hahaha. Nobhas touched on the fact that nothing in the ad specifically says it's for custom hotwheels. Maybe we will all be disappointed but I hope not

  • It's not about Hot Wheels toy cars, show is about customizing real cars to look like toy cars — redlinederby
  • Ya I'm not interested in that. I'd be more interested if it was actual hotwheels building — MadMike
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GspeedR 3/14/23

It sounds like just another car build reality show to me accept Mattel gets the big promo bump instead of Chip Foos. Sure, it's all done in the spirit of modified cars, which HWs were originally based upon, but it won't be about the toys themselves. I'll probably watch it with low expectations.

  • It is about real cars. I'm not expecting anything more than a normal custom car show with a big HW logo on the screen, lol — redlinederby
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Crazy_Canuck 3/14/23

Seeing we all pretty much do on YouTube every time a channel drops a video...how can anyone say they wouldn't??? It's a new level of behind the scenes that would be amazing insight into the people who make up this crazy fun hobby...and if they hold auditions...I will be more than happy to line up...I think there is a lot of stories in the Diecast world that are just begging to be told. If it can be told like a "fastest car" type kinda thing that could be really engaging to watch

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