Your favorite aspect of diecast?

Vulfgang Tuesday, 4/23/2024

Collecting, racing, modifying, diorama, community, achievement, competition, entertainment... unpredictable. I crave the randomness of open track racing. Just like 1:1 scale racing, anything can happen on race day. Any car that qualifies top 20 can win a bracket tourney. Run em again next day and you get different outcomes. Colder or warmer track, different outcomes. Raise the start height, different outcomes... Most diecast enthusiasts only collect cars and are appalled that somebody would open them AND THEN race them. Grow up people! I say fun is fun no matter how old you are. 


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JBlotner42 4/23/24

Indeed! All of those things! The creativeness of this community is amazing! I get inspired every day reading the posts here.

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dr_dodge 4/23/24

I build, therefore I am

bins of used cars, a treasure chest if new,

a room full of wall hangers

cars on the shelf that have done time at 2 tracks

but...track building....that is what I love...for now

trains, dioramas, stories to tell...

where to start?? build cars!


  • Yeah! I'm getting to that point - I want to build a track/diorama! — Fat_Dad
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