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SteelCityMafia895 Tuesday, 4/9/2024

I am interested in everyone's opinion on this first paragraph. How do you all interpret it? 


My interpretation would be......

If in doubt, and seeking clarity, I would correspond directly with the Vendor.

Cheers good luck out there.

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LordSyosset 4/9/24

We don't have this in stock, so buy this until we get the thing you want is almost as bad as bait and switch. Then you can buy the one you want at no extra charge?? Why would they charge you extra for a whole new order? 

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redlinederby 4/10/24
Site manager

Contact Slanman if you have questions.  If something bothers you or you have concerns, share it because he wants to make things happy for everyone.

But I admit, the fact that you can't choose to buy the electronic version on the website just adds to the confusion. Again, just ask him what the details are until you're satisfied.

From everything I hear he is a stand up guy and easy to corespond with. Much easier to get clarity from him and it's a great product.

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LobotomyScam 4/12/24

69% battery life... noice!

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Slanman 4/16/24

Sorry for the confusion on this. 

Basically, what I was trying to say is that if you order the timing system now with the manual gate, you can purchase the electronic gate at a later time when they're in stock and it won't cost you anything more than if you initially bought it with the e gate. I have a hard time keeping the e gates in stock, so I didn't want to keep people from racing initially, not knowing they could upgrade at a later date. 

if you have any other questions, please reach out!


  • Thank you for official clarification. I was still somewhat confused on the matter even after emailing you last week. I have only heard and read good reviews about you and your products. I was merely trying to get opinions from outside of this situation. — SteelCityMafia895
  • I am curious when you will have the e-gates back in stock. I am interested in purchasing your system. — Freedom_DieCast_DragRacing
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