Candy Mountain Downhill Raceway

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 52 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: TinyTrackCars


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When I was a kid I LOVED playing with my Hot Wheels cars. I built crazy tracks, raced my cars, and wrecked my cars. This was during a time period long ago before YouTube and diecast racing even existed. Fast forward to my teen years, I was a car guy. Every penny I made went into some crazy car I was building. From 16-to 20 years old, I owned more cars than my parents did in their entire lifetime lol. During this time I was not playing with Hot Wheels cars because I was playing with real cars.
Fast Forward 15 more years and I have a child of my own. When my daughter was old enough, I introduced her to my "old bin of Hot Wheels cars". The same container of beat-up cars I played with as a kid. It was so nostalgic going through those cars again and playing with them with my daughter. She really seemed to enjoy playing cars with me.
I originally just wanted to start a fun Youtube channel with my daughter. Just for fun. Something that could maybe make a few bucks eventually and help pay for her school or her first car. The more I thought about what we wanted to do, the more starting a Diecast car-themed channel made more sense.
So I started doing research and I was blown away when I found the crazy amazing world of diecast racing. The first 3dbotmaker video I saw, I was HOOKED!! So that was it, we were going to start a diecast racing channel.
I am the type of person who goes ALL in on something they are interested in. I started researching how to build a downhill track. I started brainstorming ideas for a name, I joined regional and local Facebook groups for diecast racing and Hot Wheels Collectors. Within the first 2 weeks, I had already acquired nearly 1000 new Hot Wheels cars. Some off the pegs at Target and Walmart and a LOT from local collectors selling large lots of cars. I knew we needed tons of cars to race!!
Onto the track build. I started mocking up the track with scrap wood I had laying around the house. I determined an 8-10% grade was pretty good after screwing lots of scrap pieces together. I legit just started adding more and more scrap pieces of wood and sections of track until I hit the ground. Starting about 5 feet in the air.
I made a few adjustments to the design of the track and when I was pretty happy with it, I added more wood to stiffen things up. Then came the fun part... Covering the entire thing in strips of cardboard (using hot glue to fasten it down). The cardboard was then covered in plaster cloth.. and LOTS of it. To smooth out the holes in the plaster cloth I mixed up plaster of paris very thin and painted over the entire mountain.
The majority of the track is dual-lane crash racers track (Dual lane Hot Wheels track at the start). At this point, we still didn't have a theme for the mountain. I knew I wanted it to be different than what most people were building (based on what I saw on Youtube. After throwing around a lot of ideas, we decided to go with a candy-themed moutain. It was FUN and different. Something my daughter could enjoy AND best of all, something my wife could get on board with. She's the crafty one and I really needed her help to decorate this huge mountain.
So, Candy Mountain Downhill Raceway was born (and no, not the candy mountain charlie was looking for).