Poverty Hollow Raceway

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 49 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: Scoupe


Conservation of Momentum is the name of this track's game. 


The design was born out of adaptation; the room is irregularly shaped, with sloped ceilings and one cubby-space with a window at its edge. Poverty Hollow's name is derived from this adaptation, of using what's available at all (or more aptly, No) costs. It's held up by various pieces of old house furniture, entables, a 1970's console television, a 1950's Lionel O-Gauge train bridge, at least one six-foot board, shoeboxes, paperweights, books.. You get the idea. It is fast, and flowing despite all the weird stuff supporting it.


As with most of us newbs, we found the track hobby via 3D's explosion in popularity during the 2020 Nightmare. I've been a die-cast collector for over 25 years, and have had a pile of open cars waiting. I've had tracks before, but it was single-lane typical straight track, loops, maybe a jump, NOTHING like this. Long story shortened, two Crash Racers sets, some orange track, a few Skullduggery Max Traxxx 90's and various other pieces later, it took form. Then I bumped in Erik Slan and made fast friends and bought a proper start gate, and eventually his timing system.


PVR is a semipermanent design, which means the design is VERY largely finalized, enough for me to confidently commit it to the directory here, but I do intend to properly support it in the future with a permanent base and good materials, and eventually surround it with a dio.