Snow Valley Diecast Racing - Street Edition

Managed by Marcus

About this track

While having fun racing the down hill open road course at Snow Valley, why not take in the local sights and join in some Street Racing through downtown Snow Valley.

Snow Valley Friday Night Street Racing

  • At the heart of Snow Valley is a flat stretch of road a 1/4 mile long in the Downtown area.  At night Drivers meet at the Farmer's Market and compete head-to-head to see who is the fastest.  The first to Matchedash St. South wins.  Drivers hang out at either the Couchiching Craft Brewing Co., the Lone Wolf, or head over to Orillia Diecast.  We don't condone Street Racing unless it is done at 1:64 scale.
    We race Stock cars.  So unless you really want to mail one in, it is probably best if you simply choose from one of our rides.  Snake can hook you up.  Just let us know what casting(s) you prefer and if we don't have it we will see if we can get it.  Cars may be lubed but no weights added.
    Real-World cars only.  No Trucks or Vans.  Pickups, SUVs and convertibles are acceptable for this event.  No weights added (I don't think it would help anyway) but Dry Lube is allowed.  This is basically a 2 lane drag strip.
  • One Friday of each Month
  • 4 Drivers battle it out 2 at a time … Once & Done
  • The 2 Winners battle it out in a 3rd and final race
  • The Winner advances to the Ladder to challenge for the 8th rung
  • The winner of each rung challenges the next rung above
  • Until the Top 8 Drivers are confirmed