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Build journal: 1st time drag strip track build

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Cant wait to see those cars running down that strip.. Looking Great!!

  • You can see it on YouTube. I did a little 8 car rip and race tournament last night. — SteelCityMafia895

Looking for everyone's opinion on track length. I originally wanted a 1:64 scale 1/4 mile but I'm lacking about 6 inches. (I know, that's what she said.LOL!) I had the track laid out at 17 feet with a 2 foot plus uphill stop to foam padding to protect the cars. Then i sent my timer back to be replaced  and now I'm thinking of going to 19 feet but that only gives a 7 inch runoff with a foam tube at the end. What do you think?

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TuxMcBea 4/8/24

I'd say make it comfortable for yourself, within the confines of the space you have. The more difficult it is to work with on a day to day basis the less likely you are to enjoy what you are doing.
I know the perfect scale 1/4 mile is the dream, but nobody is going to lose any sleep over 6 or so inches, heck, most people won't even notice. Besides the slight variation in length makes it just that little bit different from the rest.

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41-14 4/8/24

18 feet with a stop box and good stop bag to keep the cars protected. I don't think the uphill to foam padding is the way to go. There is the chance for the cars to still fly off and crash into a hard surface. I can't speak for others but if I'm sending modified cars to a track I at least want the host to do everything they can to protect my car. Just look at the track directory to see what other guys have done to protect cars at the end. 
as for the length go with what you have available. I just finished mine and all I had available was 14 feet. Track is 12 1/2 feet drop pins to finish line and I'm happy with it. Makes for some close racing. 

My track is 13.5 ft. to the timer with about 8 inches run out to a rice bag with a cloth cover for a stop bag.    

Everyone is responding with good need to do what works for YOU....and protects racers cars.

I might try 18 feet when my timer gets back. 19 feet won't work. Too close to the wall. 17 feet is probably the way to go with the space I have. Will most likely go to a flat run out. 

  • Why did your timer have to be replaced? Track look awesome. I think I already stumbled on one of your videos. — Late_nite_racer
  • It was just for a minor repair. 1 of the lane indicator lights stopped working a week after getting the timer. Nothing big, but my OCD wouldn't let it go. — SteelCityMafia895

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