Alternative for adding weight

WidowmakerRun Wednesday, 9/23/2020

Alternative for adding weight to cars. Works great with hot glue to fill interior!


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CrazyEights 9/23/20

I just moved away from lead and am now currently using wheel weights.

  • Yup...i make cars with my lead is not an option for me. — WidowmakerRun
  • As long as you do not eat it, what is the drawback to lead? — Uncle_Elvis
  • lead is really bad stuff. the less you handle it the better. its not just eating it. the dust created from it and the fumes during smelting can cause lead poisoning. — CrazyEights
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Uncle_Elvis 9/24/20

Mass wise, how does copper compare to lead?

The bb's are steel, just coated with copper.

  • No wonder everyone jumps on the tungsten. I didn't realize it was pretty much double lead. — redlinederby
  • Yup. And it's the heaviest metal substance that is safe to use. Sure, you could use uranium... once. — GenX_VintageRacing
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