Best place for weight on a road course?

Blue_Wahoo_Racing Saturday, 2/27/2021

Where should I be trying to get my center of gravity for a road course racer.  I have a mail in race coming up and don't have a road course to test on.  So i am just looking for some tips for center of gravity.  Should it be centered in the length of the car or should it be centered between the wheels?  I am sure each car is different but I need some general rules of thumb for adding weight to a downhill racer that will be used on a road course. Thanks in advance for helping a newb out. 


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SpyDude 2/27/21

Speaking as a newb myself, I would say more or less centered between the front and rear axles, with bias towards the rear. Weighing the front too much will cause it to jam harder into any turns and not steer real well. Having the weight in the rear two-thirds of the car should do it.

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redlinederby 2/27/21
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The article linked in your question about weight has some tips about placing weight on road courses.

I'm not a road course racer at noob when it comes to that but my hunch is a middle weight like Spy said is probably best. I think the key to open road courses is just not spinning many ways, just outlasting your opponents. 

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CrazyEights 2/27/21

I'm kinda curious on this one. With the upcoming pro am how do you build a drag car that's good on fat track too. I know where some would like me to put the weight. Lol!

Good thing I'm in the amateur division. I'll hope my partner has experience in this.

  • The two cars that have performed best in the 8 Modders races at Psychedelic Speedway (the June track) had some added weight in the very front of the car, but not too much (read: one small tungsten cube), more or less directly above the front axle. The rest was in the center of the car, as low as possible, and tending toward the back (just in front of the rear axle). The reason given by those builders for putting a little extra weight in the nose was to have the weight forcing the front end down the slope of the banked curves, to keep the nose pointed forward coming out of the turn. For what that's worth. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • That's a good tip to know - thank you. I was considering doing this. — SpyDude
  • Cool. Thanks. — CrazyEights

Easy, inside the car!


  • Bwahahahaha! — CrazyEights
  • lol...well question is what is best to use for weights — RKCTDiecast
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