Too much weight?

Blue_Wahoo_Racing Monday, 2/22/2021

Building a drag race car and wondering what is too much weight  or if that is even an issue.   I figure you guys have tried it all by now. Does it ever become a point when too much weight is an issue?  If so where is that point?


I have always found that anything over 140-150 grams is very difficult to maintain the speed. I've built several cars near the 200 gram mark and not one of them could be considered the fastest thing I ever built. My two fastest cars built are right around 120 grams.

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CrazyEights 2/22/21

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SpyDude 2/22/21

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Track length can come into play, depending on the angle of your start ramp. I've found the heavier cars can be slower off the line, but bring a burst of speed when they hit the straight level ground. Recent race on King of the 621 had a heavy Silverado that was always the last off the line, but consistantly third or better at the finish. Somewhere there's a sweet spot where the late charge cancels out the slow start and I think it can be fun to watch the light and heavy cars battle over this difference. 

An article about this topic from the pages of Diecast Racing Report:

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redlinederby 2/23/21
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Here's a post from long ago with a video as well. It's focused on Pinewood racing but the physics is the same and you can translate the ideas down to the diecast rather easily. Obviously, more helpful for drag strip racing rather than open track...but eitherway, might jog your idea factory. Experiment!

I do not believe that there is an actual weight maximum for getting the most speed from a build. Weight placement is definitely more important.  The higher off the ground the weight is the more unstable the car will be. Unstable is not fast.

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