Build journal : Cardboard mountain V2

Deedose Sunday, 5/22/2022

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Previously , I made a track out of cardboard , tape and hot glue . But i'm not satisfied . It has a bunch of problems : the paint job is ugly , there's no scenery , the cars get stuck a lot at the first turn , paint don't stick well on the tape and fall everywhere ...

The first track :

So , I decided to use the experience I gained making that first track to make a second one . It is also the occasion to try new things , like 3D printed roads .I didn't have a storage space for my cars , so I made parkings into the mountain :The blue 3D printed roads are only half a milimeter thick , so I used cardboard to consolidate them . I took off the electronic components of my first track , and modified the finish lane system .Now , it works with a laser and a photosensor :Next , I redesigned my starting gate mechanism . It is still pretty similar to my orignal design , exept this time , it is entirely 3D printed .It can be opened manually or electrically .It works great !A bunch of support was needed to secure the first drop in place .Here is what I've done so far .


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Deedose 5/27/22

Small update : I added more cardboard , now the track starts looking like a mountain .

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GT_Diecast 6/8/22

Good job, dude its looking awsome already.

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Numbskull 6/8/22


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Deedose 6/9/22

More progress on the track :

This is the same method my Dad taught me to make Railroad dioramas, (mountains, hills, tunnels etc.) You are at the point where we would have started paper mache and plaster of paris for texturizing the landscape. Looking great so far.

  • I was planning to use paper mache — Deedose
  • Do cars roll well over paper mache ? — Deedose
  • Not really, I'd just do a thin coat of paint at most on track and sidewalls. — Redline_Salvage_Inc
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Deedose 6/19/22

It's finally taking shape . Just need to paint the track , ans I'l have finished the first half .

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Deedose 6/23/22

I'm starting to paint the track . I am planning to go for a rallye-themed track .

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Deedose 7/1/22

I finished applying the base colours onto the track .I designed my first ever PCB . I really learn a lot from this build .A lot of soldering later :It's working !

It's looking great. I like the design of your start gate. We use servos for our gates as well but I like how your pins sit flat ont he track to let the cars roll past.

  • I did that mostly because I had no Idea how you did to made the pins drop directly down . — Deedose
  • Mine have two very basic versions. One the pins are attached directly to the servo, so they do travel on an arc, not straight down, but they move fast and it is easy to set up. The other is more complicated with the servo operating a hinged platform that the pins are on, which gives a flatter trajectory but requires more engineering. — Chaos_Canyon
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Deedose 7/14/22

Cable management .

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Deedose 8/24/22

I found out that carboard roads are way better than the 3d printed ones. So I changed them :I made a crash racers-like turn with carboard :It works well , for the cars who have enough speed .

  • who needs crash racers... this turn is AMAZING!! Love seeing your track take shape — TinyTrackCars
  • It has a lot of friction , but yeah , I'm proud of it . — Deedose
  • Nice work on the corner. If you're having trouble with friction, if you seal it and paint it, it should help. — Chaos_Canyon
  • What do you mean by "sealing" it ? — Deedose
  • You can use a fibreglass epoxy (without needing to use the fibreglass mat) or some clear wood sealers can work. Just test on a scrap piece first, in case there are any issues. You don't want to mess up your hard work — Chaos_Canyon
  • I'l try this out — Deedose
  • How did you go on about making the turn? Did you cut grooves into the cardboard for it to fold like that? I'm struggling with making my own corners and in general it's not going well — Customs064
  • I have made two tutorials on how to make curved turns. The first one is easy to understand, but less precise : The second one needs you to have some mathematical knowledge, but allows you to make exactly the turn you want : — — Deedose
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Deedose 8/25/22

To add a straight after the turn , I had to build massive supports fixed on my bookshelf : Then a bridge had to be built :

  • That's a well-designed bracket to integrate with your self. Great idea! — redlinederby

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