Customizing and TuningBuilding a car with Wheel Bearings...

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In case anyone has been wondering what I've been tinkering with lately, here it is...

With the body off...the screws are 2mm screws with .4mm pitch thread. I used them throughout because they are domestically available and so are the taps. The washers and spaces are what the body sits on...

With the wheels off...the aluminum 'cones' are the spacers behind the wheels. I tried a couple variations on those....copper rubbing (too tricky to get 'square') and delrin (it compressed and rubbed against the bearing)...

The delrin wheels with the bearings pressed in from the back. The bearings are 2mm (id) x 5mm (od) flanged bearings. Apparently they are used in some of the Mini quad-rotors that guys are they are also available domestically...

And, the wheels from the front. I turned the wheels out of is a great material, very similar to original hot wheels wheels, only machinable...

You might be seeing this car, or a similar one, in the Bare Muscle race...I'm not sure just yet. The bearings are the limiting factor right now...they are rather cheaply made. Some bearings will spin VERY well, but I haven't got them completely sorted out yet.

The potential here is really cool...the materials are all really cheap and readily avaible. But, for now, the development continues. At this car's best, this car was abut a half fender off my fastest similar weight car...but I need to get it consistent. 

See you in lane 2!


nice work c10... the racers in malaisia ran bearings but not this pretty, go c10 go !
I'm impressed with your engineering abilities. I'm still trying to learn how to get graphite on the axle.
Thanks guys!
1st pic looks like mini pie plate hub caps,,, Killer

Oh, another potential with this is to make the wheels and have them threaded into axle tubes. They would be a little bigger size up, 1/16" id tubes...but they would be easy to fit into a stock chassis. 

Once I find a source for a good, consistent bearing, I'll be playing around with these more. And, if I can get them to the point where they are as fast, or hopefully faster, than ftes, I'll make them available for sale. But, right now, I am still tinkering, finding the right combo.

Holy damn,'ve created a new class of racing, congrats! Might be a shallow pool for a while until the rest of us catch up. Thanks for sharing your secret sauce. Should be very cool to see others try it out. 

And so you basically took R/C helicopter bearings and put them into the wheels, is that what I'm reading right?

And did you make (print) the wheels yourself or what is the source for those?...didn't see that exactly in your guide.

Ueah, that is the source of the bearings. There is nothing 3D printed on this one...everything is machined

at GE we would freeze the bearings press them in and when they thawed they expanded for a good fit.

Very cool and cutting edge, I like the potential a lot!!!!  Congratulations on thinking out of the box and your great skills!!!

I just re-read your question, Brian. The wheels are made from 1/2" Delrin rod. Delrin is a machinable plastic that is a really nice material to work with.

If I get these all sorted out, I can do a full build-up thread on them. They are definitely  still in the development stage. I have had some positive results with this car, but with it's current bearings, it is pretty slow (of course, they were only $.50 a piece!)

I'll keep everyone informed on the progress as I go :)

The RC world has the parts you need somewhere I am sure.  What if the wheel was the bearing? And you shimmed the center, might give more bearing sizes/quality to choose from.  

I cant wait to see this car in action!!! Or race against it. Fantastic work and attention to detail here.

i've got some white 5/8"ish delrin rods need one c10 ? ... in my tool box when i retired...

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