Track Building and BuyingBuilding the official 3DBotMaker Test Track

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I finally decided to make a real race track to test new products and for filming. I was inspired by LeageofSpeed’s Bootleg Run Track. Those curves really add to the action, which lead to my first problem, finding 2-lane curve tracks. Vintage pieces on eBay were limited and pretty expensive, so I designed my own.

The frame for the track is made with 2x3’s. The 3DBotMaker 2-Lane Start Gate and 2-Lane Connectors both feature screw holes which came in very handy for mounting everything to the wood. I discovered that mounting a connector at the top and bottom of the transition works great to support the track.

I added some panels to the wood and created a backdrop to make everything clean. Just need to add a finish gate.

3D....I'm honored my man, truly!!! Bootleg Run is a fun track with a nasty side as well. 

...once again truly an honor to be an inspiration for your build!!!

I look forward to following the action forthcoming!!!

Great looking set up.You know we have to ask..Will you be selling those 2 lane curves??

Yes. They're currently in the test phase but I'll let you know when I start selling them.

Dude! I want those connectors with the screw holes! Are you selling those too? Although I think I have a 4-lane connector from stuff you sent me before...hmmmm...

What is the black siding you're using? Looks like the foam rug puzzle pieces from a kids room, just painted black.

And for what it's worth Max Traxxx sells 180-degree, 2-lane curves. Not as nice as what it looks like yours are but there is a retail option out there.

Love the frame work you made you're getting me thinking if I have an extra corner where I can do something similar. Having a road course would be a lot of fun. What are dimensions of the space that takes up? Looks like maybe 8-feet wide but 3-feet deep, or close...

All in all, more great stuff from 3BM. I'm gonna go visit your store and see what's new. Thanks for posting and keeping the racing community in mind.

Yes all the connectors I sell now have screw holes. The black siding is floor mat I picked up at Costco for $12.

Here's my schematic to give you an idea of the size. It's about 8ft by 3ft in floor space.

Wow. Nice. I wish I had the discipline to make plans like that.

I used the 3DBotmaker connectors with the screw holes on Gulf City Dragway. They work great! It is a very nice tool keeping both lanes straight and secure. I recommend then heartily. They slide into the track very snug but not overly tight.

I did have some fitment issues with older thicker classic HW Orange Track (Original 1968 track). It was overly tight and caused some bowing and alignment problems.  I don't think it was a quality issue with 3DBotmakers product, it is very good. I used the slightly thinner newer track (without the blue circles) and it is flawless. Just my 2 cents but you'll love those connectors.

I dug out the 4-lane connector I had from you and it reminded me that my only concern with them was the cross piece because that's the part that actually touches the wood track base. Unless you space the connectors pretty close together, the track can sag in the space between. This might be a bit unique for those of us with seamless track, but it's nonetheless been a thorn in my side since I've built my track and something I'd love to solve.

I don't want to put holes in my track to screw it down but also want the track to lay flat and be less likely to move. I have some ideas and sketches jotted down somewhere if you'd be interested in seeing them. Maybe give you some ideas on something you could 3D print.

Love it...a mini Bootleg Run!!! Bootleg Run takes up some space, but it fits that section of the house so we can get by with it being set up for a day or it's the rest of the Legion  of Speeds favorite track.

From this photo, it looks like the track edge/wall sits inside the curve edge...if so, the cars can and will hit that coming out of the curve resulting in wrecks. Also, I had to use the track with the higher track wall exiting the curves, as the lower wall track was not holding the cars as they exited the curves. I don't know if it's true for all road courses, but calibrating Bootleg Run was one of the biggest challenges I faced.

These curves are definitely still in the prototyping phase. Any idea of the elevation angle on the HW curves?

Here you can see the track is flush with the top of Widow Maker as the cars enter (right), and the track walls are higher as they exit Widow Maker (left)...this was a must on Bootleg Run in order for the cars to stay on the track.

Also, this view is why I really want a GoPro for Bootleg Run

@ redlinederby. I have not experienced any sagging, bulging or ramping with this on the 2 lane track. These connectors are right and tight. I am using them on each track connection. I did have trouble getting them to work on the older thicker track but not with the thinner seemless. Hope this helps

I'm gonna play with it again. It's tough on a seamless track regardless. It is a thicker plastic too.
It will bow in some where the track is connected, but it's still much better than a seam and uneven track walls
maybe it had something to do with cy gluing the track together and sanding the joints smooth....

@ 3D...I'll take some measurements and post some pics...they are more vertical than your prototype for sure. Also, I don't use the center sections of the curves, as it makes them 210 instead of 180...they were included with the set's back in the day incase a figure 8 was desired instead of an oval. I'd need it back eventually, but I could send you the actual piece so you'd have it in hand if you like...just PM me your address, as it would be the dead center of a 210 curve...but would give you some hard data.

Wow I could use the red banked curve for racing on my YouTube channel!  I live in Modesto, if memory serves me correctly don't you live close to me?

Yes I live close. The curves are still in prototype.
What’s you’re YouTube channel?
Same as my user name here, sub4ra
I race scale quarter mile and starting my second season of NASCAR. I'm also doing a mail in season, so two leagues of nascar.
I've had my eyes on the lane mergers and starting gate for awhile. And now the curves!



2 3/4" tall

3 3/16" wide

Looks to be around 65 degree bank

...this is the piece added in the middle if you want to go to a 210 degree turn for figure 8.

...and I will send this to you if you'd like.

Thanks!!! Those photos are all I need.

The question I have about 3d printers do I tell it what to make? Where are the programs located to tell the 3d Printer what to make?

There's all sorts of software to make 3D models. Then you send that file to your printer.

Tragedy struck this morning. While finishing my track stabilizing.. One of the tabs of my 3d printed gat e snapped of. Suggestions On Reattaching?

Great looking track, 3D!

My only thoughts about a layout like this is that the car that is on inside for the the first turn has an advantage when it comes to momentum. I know the cars travel the same distance, but, when the cars hit that first turn, the car on the inside is going to have a lot higher exit speed coming out of that first turn. I suppose, if there was an equal drop going in to the second turn, it would even out. But, it is really tricky to get a track like this 'tuned in' to be really's why I kinda prefer an 'open' track when it comes to one with turns in it. Just my two cents :)

Depends on the length of the track...Bootleg Run has a 6' drop/dropping 6" coming out of turn 1- Widow Maker to turn 2-Soul Taker which drops 6'/dropping 6" to the Trestle Bridge, also the inside portion of the turn has a shorter distance in the curves but the outside lane in the curves get's more of a sling shot effect in terms of momentum. Also, from the Elite 8 to the Championship, 4 races were won (including the Championship) from taking the outside lane in Widow Maker last and 3 of the races which went 2-0 won their 1st race while taking the Widow Maker in the outside lane. 

So, basically the Switchback needs to be equal...Bootlegs Runs is equal.

I'm not saying that they can't be made to run's just tricky getting them to do so :) On an 'open' track, there is much less worry about getting two different lanes to perform's all one big lane.

Ha!!! For track is demolition derby.

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