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redlinederby Tuesday, 9/3/2019
Site manager

The web site will be getting an update soon that will include a new feature for race topics...the Race Review. In short, it's a front page for races that are finished that will give everyone the quick rundown on top finishers, plus video and/or commentary.


One thing that's always frustrated me with event threads is that finding the final results can sometimes be a chore. They're either buried in discussion and comments, or maybe even inside a video. There's never been a organized method to report the winners...and that's what the Race Review update aims to do.

When the race date has passed, the event thread owner will be notified at which point they can provide the final results of the race. It's a very quick form that lets you report the Top 5 finishers, as well as include a YouTube video and any commentary you want to share.

And one nice side effect of this update is that podium wins for members will be tracked. So as event results get reported, there will be a history of your wins over time. After a few months, we'll be able to see who has the most 1st place finishes and so on. Should be pretty cool.

I'm planning on rolling out this update within the next week and will be using it for the Rip N Roll by end of the month. This feature will be available to all members and any event thread. When the update goes live, I'll share a how-to guide and other such things.

The update will also include other minor fixes and changes.

More soon...


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TuxMcBea 9/4/19

What a cool idea! Good job sir.

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WorpeX 9/4/19


Love it...that will be great to have moving forward 

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redlinederby 9/4/19
Site manager

With any luck, this will help get us long-term stats for racers.

And since reporting results can be done for any event thread, other clubs/sites can use it too. If you run a site or even YT channel that does claimed/mail-in racing, you can start a thread here and use it to track your stats as well. It might require some additional data points be added to the event thread form, but might be worth it.

I'm also hoping I can tie this into the track directory as well. It won't be happening at the start, but I'd love to have data that will show performance per type of track. Because some folks might be better at racing on open tracks versus head-to-head...and that'd be cool to see.

  • You handle the techie stuff and I'll handle the racing!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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redlinederby 9/7/19
Site manager

The update has been released! Check out the new Race Review feature

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