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Custom Carnage 4

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E67DRT 5/12/24

I want to send 2 cars in please 

In for 2.

Me and captain Karl would like in with 2

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Fat_Dad 5/12/24

Oh I'm in! 

2 please. 

  • Excellent looking for another top 5 finish??? Good luck — Comet_Tail_Raceway
  • I'd love that but I had so much fun I'm not sure it'd matter too much! Thanks in advance for hosting this tournament. — Fat_Dad
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Bolo_Brown 5/12/24

You know I'm definitely in I need to redeem myself. Put me down 2 please

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Sam_Haul 5/12/24

In for 2, please

I will send in 2 for this one

I'd like to join in on this one please. 

I'd love to send 2 cars please!

Sounds like a blast!  But I need to get through my first 2 mail-in races this June before I commit to more. I'll try working something up. Maybe I can be a rookie field filler if you need more entries as you get closer to race date.  Best regards! Chris

  • I probably will. So I hope you are able to send something in. Good luck in all your races — Comet_Tail_Raceway
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DaBlazeMann 5/12/24

This is Blaze from Burnout Peak Diecast, hoping to take another shot at the Comet Tail! 
We'd like to send 2 entries.

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BD_Racing 5/12/24

I'm in for 2 if there is still room.

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