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Custom Carnage 4

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I would love to race in this tournament please 

Count me in, please!  Definitely my favourite tournament these days.

Put me down for 2!  Can't wait to get redemption from last time! 

  • Sounds great can't wait to see what you bring this time. Good luck — Comet_Tail_Raceway
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RaginRicky 5/14/24

I'll build a couple and be back to try again

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Lily_the_Dog 5/14/24

I'll compete if there's still room.

  • Heck yes always enjoy having a little Lilly dog in the track. Usually one of Sidekick Sandy favorites — Comet_Tail_Raceway

I think I'll try to send 2 again. Hoping to improve on my poor performance from last time

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MWAI_Racing 5/14/24

MWAI would like to enter 2 cars

I'm game for 2

IN. 2.

Just noticed this said "no rubber wheels"... did others send in cars with rubber wheels before? Just curious!

  • Yes they did and did not qualify as they was unable to make it down the track. And it was my fault I should have said before no rubber tires. But I had no clue they would do so bad. — Comet_Tail_Raceway
  • Ok, thanks... I never thought you would have to specifically exclude them as they are kinda known for poor racing performance but I guess you just never know! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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MQHracing 5/14/24

You know I'm in on this please 2 cars

  • Heck yes!!! I was waiting!! Good luck always glad to have you good luck getting the title back — Comet_Tail_Raceway

Would like to send in a couple cars for this race if still open. 

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