Diecast Descent 123' roadcourse

Dirtcar119 Wednesday, 10/25/2023

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Hi new here at RLD here is my downhill track. It's 123' long uneven 6 lanes. 


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Numbskull 10/25/23

Super cool.

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RLoRacing 10/25/23

Very nice 

Looks awesome. 

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dr_dodge 10/25/23

when do we race?

love the striped track


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Dirtcar119 10/25/23

Thanks for the compliments. I might decide to host some mail in races in the future. 

  • Please do! You used your space very well and created a wonderful monster track. -Mark H. — GravityThrottleRacing
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CaShMoneyBoyS 10/26/23

Man, thats cool! Is there a build journal here on RLDR? I'd be intrested in seeing how you supported the banked turns

  • I used spray foam to support them. — Dirtcar119

Thats the Bomb! How many left and right corners?

  • It has 4 left turn 90 degree 2 90 degree right turns and 2 180 degree turns — Dirtcar119
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Dirtcar119 10/27/23

I was actually pulling my hair out trying  to figure out how to make the lanes equal, then I started playing with my level elevations and tilting my 180 turns down or up I  could actually change the speed of the lane times, so it's actually really competitive but the same car ran down the same lane 10 times in a row will have 10 different outcomes.

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GspeedR 10/27/23

An ambitious endeavour, indeed! Similar to MTR but with conventional 90deg curves, well done. Do you have an average lap time yet?

  • The fastest car I have runs13.9 in lane 1 and runs 14.0in lane 6 — Dirtcar119
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BlueLineRacing 10/27/23

Wow, pretty epic. Nice work

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Fat_Dad 10/29/23

Incredible! I can't wait to race there! 

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