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Diecast Squid Game 2023

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Sneaky_Bob 3/19/23

Can I still send a car for this? Let me know and I will have one on its way within a day or two.

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Kingjester 3/20/23

Kingjester needs the money to buy more tf2 crates,my rally cat should hopefully come out as the survivor

Player 000 joins the game

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Beaverworx 3/24/23

Is it too late to Join in on this one?

Beaverworx would like in!

I'm in if you're still accepting entries.

  • Also, when dimensions are listed in the requirements for these races, what exactly does that mean? I'm assuming the numbers are the maximum allowances? — ArcaneCustoms
  • @AC: Dimensions means that is how big the vehicle can be, nothing oversized, as it will not fit on/run well on the track. — SpyDude

Rico Robot Racing is in.

  • I didn't get a number yet. I am ready to send it in. — Rico_Robot_Racing
  • interesting. whats is it's weight? looks heavy. — dr_dodge
  • This is the left over from a Bus race I did earlier. It did terrible. I think it was my second race. I tore it open and tried to make it faster without much luck, so I shoved as much weight in as I could. 100 grams. I am hoping part of the competition will include a wall to smash through. — Rico_Robot_Racing
  • my thought, too mine is pretty heavy — dr_dodge
  • My rally cat is only at about 65 grams with the coins and bolts I put in but like 2d said “you ain’t gotta have the heavy baby,you just need to be fast — Kingjester
  • Where the heck did you get those massive wheels??? — SpyDude
  • that is an awesome mash-up! — TheMakersBox
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Beeks 3/28/23

Got room for another? If so, im in.

  • — Beeks

85 grams, in the mail tomorrow. Bring on the all you can eat calamari!

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dr_dodge 3/30/23

Final axle glue tonight, tune and ship tomorrow

I made a 162 gram bully, with girl/interior

home made turbos 

guess the casting?


  • Looks sweet,hopefully it has good balance because 162 grams plus a high center of gravity could be bad especially in this tournament where it’s not about being the fastest but being able to survive — Kingjester
  • it'll be a bit lower when done, and the cg is thru the center of the body, unhappy with the wheel/axles, so gonna redo them today — dr_dodge

Okay, just talked with the masked dude.

He says it's ok for any of you that wants to participate, as long as car fits on orange track, is painted green with black tires wheels and arrives before April 7th. Or else......

  • I mean I sent my car a week ago so I should be set as I checked the tracking number it arrived,at the same time it would be maliciously nice to see cars set on fire because who doesn’t like diecast arson — Kingjester
  • mine is sent, didn't see where in the rules it was orange track oh well, — dr_dodge
  • Dr. Dodge, I assumed that's what he meant when he wrote in the rules: "3.25in. long x 2in. tall x 1.25in. wide" — Underdogs_Unleashed
  • I mean even if it ain’t hotwheels there’s a good amount of castings from other brands that still fight,like I have a caddilac sivelle from green light and it it fights on orange hot wheel track — Kingjester
  • oh well maybe you can break some beer bottles with mistakes...such is life — dr_dodge
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Numbskull 4/3/23

In route.   I am not a color, I am a number.

In Route to Tracy,CA. I expect to pull into town on April 7th according to USPS. KITCHEN_SINK RACING  

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