Gumball 3000 [Invitation Only]

Sunday, September 1st, 2024
Hosted by Canadian Driving Club | Marcus Firegone
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MarcusFiregone Wednesday, 5/15/2024

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Gumball 3000 is a brand known for the annual Gumball 3000 Rally, an international celebrity motor rally that takes place on public roads. The brand was founded in 1999 by British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper, with his vision to combine cars, music, fashion and popular culture.

Gumball 3000 - Toronto to Miami

After the successfull launch of the FIREBALL - Connonball Run, superfan, Chris Hood, suggested there should be a European version with the Gumball 3000.  So I started researching it ... and I thought ... I can organize that.  This is going to be for the Celebrity Diecast Builders.  I'm not going to collect videos from different channels and put them together ... I'm going to make an event at each track and I plan to publish them all on the same day, so you can go from YouTube Channel to YouTube Channel and binge watch the entire event!

Invitations have already gone out to a list of 20 such celebrity builders.  So what clasifies as a celebrity builder?  Notoriety? Success? Name recognition?  I discussed this with other Diecast Builders and we came up with a list of what we thought were the top 20.  Not on the list, maybe next year.  I had to limit this event.  I'm sure that I may have missed some really good builders.

FIREBALL - Connonball Run

Track Hosts have been contacted (see below)

Rules & restrictions

  • Real-world Castings only (McLaren/Lambo are great choices, or bring something original like a Real-world Concept Car, or have a really good story about your casting)
  • The description is Supercars.  So expect supercars, BUT, check the Gumball 3000 video link and you will see other cars ... exotic cars, classic cars ... just bring something flashy
  • Modified entries only
  • No max. weight
  • One car per invitation
  • Dry lube only
  • Car number recommended / desired, but not required
  • Go crazy but be flashy
  • Flashy paint / Decals welcome
  • See Prize catigories

NOTE:  These are downhill open tracks, not dragstrips.  Although there is no weight limit, watch out that you don't have too much weight or you may risk DNFing.  We will make our best efforts to avoid DNFs.  Some tracks are specifically built and tested with cars between 50-70g.

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host before Sunday, August 4th 2024. Racing is scheduled for Sunday, 9/1/2024. It will take some time to run all locations before posting ... expect results in eary 2025.

How to enter

Contact the tournament host to get the shipping address for entry.

No Charge Entry, by Invitation Only, put your money into your car, I will put my money into the Event and Prizes.  Donations welcome.

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


All downhill, open track, Crash Racers / Spool Heads type track with scenery.  Total number of Track Hosts is going to be limited to a total of 5.  I'm still finalizing.  For those with Invitations, please feel free to suggest tracks and/or pressure track hosts into participating.  Or boycot tracks that refuse ... you are the celebrities afterall :-)

< Hang on, joing to include a 6th track!!! >

Confirmed Track Hosts (Plan to stick to these 6 Tracks)

  • Marcus Firegone - Snow Valley East (Canada)
  • Tiny Track Cars (USA)
  • Shady Valley Diecast Racing (USA)
  • LRL: The Lord's Racing League; Diecast Racing (USA)
  • Legion Of Doom Diecast Racing League (USA)
  • Bay City Diecast Racing (USA) - not yet finalized

Confirmed Participants

  • Bent Rod Racing
  • Feral Patrick
  • Endcount
  • Grumpy Cloud
  • Craigster Sr.
  • Variat Skunkworks
  • Numbskull
  • Sneaky Bob
  • R-Lo
  • Mr. Darq
  • Papa Pugsley
  • James Ironbeard
  • Milestone Racing
  • Puff
  • The Crazy Canuck
  • Spirit of '64
  • Sam Haul
  • BlueLine
  • G-Force Racing
  • Daddy G

Race format and scoring

Each car is individually run down the 5 Host Tracks and time recoreded.  The Driver with the lowest over-all time for all 5 tracks is the winner.

There is going to be a 6th track that we are going to visit as a side event.  We are going to head out on a race track and see who can set the best time on an oval.  This time does not go toward the over-all time.  Whoever wins this wins a bonus prize.

There will also be a trackside party / nightlife, with music and prizes, and poker card draw.

Call outs ... request to go head-to-head with another Driver as a side event.  I will be organizing this in advance.  You will get a chance to call out another driver and name a track in this event to go head-to-head, and if they accept we will see who's got it and who ain't.

Don't miss the optional Virtual Driver's Meeting!  To be hosted by Marcus Firegone.


Event Winner / Trophy

Best overall time, you get a fancy Marcus Firegone Trophy, ask Papa Pugsley about his Falken LeMans Legends Trophy.

Crib-Poker / Official Gumball 3000 T-Shirt

Each of the 5 main tracks, the first two decimals of your time are used to generate a random poker card.  Points are calculated based on Cribbage rules.  The most points earned with all 5 cards wins an Official Gumball 3000 T-Shirt.

The Big O - Side Event Winner / Official Gumball 3000 T-Shirt

Set the fastest time on The Big O in Seattle and win an Official Gumball 3000 T-Shirt.  Times set on this track do not go toward the over-all time main event and does not earn a Crib-Poker card.

Best in Show / Bonus Car & Free Return Shipping

Prizes for Best Livery, Best Casting Choice, and Best Gumball 3000 decals.  Winners will receive the Czinger 21C, including postage, mailed to you with your race entry after the event!  That is correct, you get your car sent back free of charge AND you get this bonus car, the Czinger 21C in Zamac.

Win a Czinger 21C Zamac

The Czinger 21C is a hybrid sports car developed using 3D printing by the American car manufacturer Czinger Vehicles.  Designed, developed and built in Los Angeles, California, the Czinger 21C launches the new brand Czinger Vehicles named after its founder Kevin Czinger.  Only 80 units of this vehicle will be built.  You are not winning this car exactly, but rather a 1:64 Hot Wheels replica!


I'm open to suggestions ... what else is going to make this a kickass event like the real-world Gumball 3000?


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Wouldn't miss it.


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Papa_Pugsley 5/16/24

Sounds Fun

View member profile
FeralPatrick 5/16/24

I'm a celebrity now. I have arrived. :)

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PuffsRacing 5/16/24

Ty for the invite can't wait for it 

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GrumpyCloud 5/16/24

Sounds like another amazing event!

Hey hey! I have my two members, Will Power and Barry Kade up for this event. For now, I consider for both of them to drive Ferraris, but I'll let ya know when I will change my opinion. See you there!

-La Cueva Diecast Racing

  • If you are talking about this event, the Gumball 3000, sorry but this is invitation only and the invitations have already gone out. — MarcusFiregone

Oh, and by the way, which of the castings that I suggested to you for the "Asphalt" event have you finished with their backstories and adding them to the list? I can wait.

-La Cueva Diecast Racing, again

  • Asphalt is still on hold ... still a concept event with back story. Thanks again for the casting suggestions — MarcusFiregone

In, and I have a few call outs too.#22

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RLoRacing 5/18/24

#69 if we are claiming numbers 

  • You've got it ... and yes, everyone should be claiming numbers and you are responsible for putting your number on your car. Thanks R-Lo — MarcusFiregone
View member profile
Spirit_Of_64 5/18/24

Already scheming about what to build!  #64

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Numbskull 5/19/24

#53 please.

Well, I'll be watching! At least my little brother made it in!!

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