How do you get an unopened box of Hot Wheels?

redlinederby Sunday, 4/5/2015
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A friend and I were talking today about Hot Wheels stuff and the idea of buying the full "wholesale" Mattel boxes came up. We had both seen the unboxing videos like on RaceGrooves but he asked how you buy one, and I had to say I didn't know (and then I was ashamed and cried).

So simple and where do you get an unopened box?

And I'm talking about how to get one direct, not through another retailer. My assumption is you have to be some reseller or wholesaler, but maybe not?


I was able to order a full case of Hot Wheels directly from KMart's web site! When the KMart Collector Days are announced you can usually order online...if they're not already sold out. Since KMart's are pretty rare in most places, people just order online instead of going to the in-store events. They go fast so keep an eye out for on-sale dates.

You can watch my unboxing of a case that ordered from KMart below.


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KandORacing 4/5/15

I believe racegrooves usually buys his cases from wholesalers on eBay. At one time, if I remember corretly, he had mentioned getting them directly from Mattel somehow, but I really don't know if you can anymore (or ever could) unless you buy lots & lots of them.

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model40fan 4/5/15

Bernie stopped buying cases as he was getting them late and incorrect letter coding... he may be able to set you up...  ...

I once heard ( back in '95 ) you could order directly from Mattel, but you had to "Prove" you were a REAL retail store, by have proof of "Xxxxx # of dollars" in retail sales, in either a department store, official toy store( not a flea market resaler) or some sort of deal. Not just a collector. Basically, they had so many hoops to jump through, a worm had a better chance at getting a pilots license.

But, that was back in '95, when the " Modern Era" collectors madness started.

The club I was in down near Tampa looked in to buying pallets every couple months, but it'wern't easy and we never pulled it off.

Possibly, try and ask a Walmart manager to order a couple?  Or check KMart online??

GOOD LUCK!! I'd be curious to know what you come up with in your region.

I did just find this. You never know what you'll get. I saw Lamely Group post about this in early February, just before the Feb 14th K Day.

(I've never seen this before, it looks interesting. But I wonder if it is filled with junk that couldn't sell on the pegs)

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model40fan 4/7/15

Mailman dropped this baby in the box this am .... 72 car case... 30 something FTEs that I had ordered, the rest were random bent or short card for giveaways...

  • No need to rub it in ;P — redlinederby
  • not rubbing... contact bernie... he's 84... wants to sell thousands of hot wheels..i'm advertizing for him. — model40fan
  • NICE! But you already know what ya got!! lol I like that nervous " What I find ??? " feeling — CrzyTrkrDude
  • BTW, future bone shaker 1:1 back there in yonder snow???? — CrzyTrkrDude
  • its a landmark, used to be an old car behind every house or barn, its mine ! — model40fan
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model40fan 4/10/15

guy on ebay, dive bomber, has mixed lots of 30 cars... plus  $12.50 shipping... message him about a 72 car case...

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Dadvball 4/10/15

You could try Dollar Tree. I was told you could order a case and have it shipped to a store near you. Question might still remain though as to if someone in their facility opened it looking for the treasure hunt. 

  • sorry. thought you wanted 72 random cars, not aware this was about treasure hunts... out of my league — model40fan
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KandORacing 4/10/15

It is pointless to buy a 72 car case of HWs just to look for a stupid Treasure Hunt. They are much more widely produced nowadays than the general majority of collectors realize. You can find in pretty much EVERY 36 car case at K-Day events now (see what I mean?). They are worth no more than a dollar to me. Of course I still pick them off the pegs when I find them, because I can trade them for stuff I need. And yes, I take every one I find, but the difference between me taking every one, and scalper taking every one is this: I collect diecast cars, enjoy the hobby and trade with other real collectors. Scalpers on the other hand, are just greedy eBay vendors looking to make quick cash off those who are naive and new to collecting. Scalpers do not care about the hobby, nor do they care about helping others. 

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CrzyTrkrDude 4/10/15

The Packard is by far my favorite body style... I've got most of them open and on display in rotation. 

I used to have over 130 TH's from most all the years... Sold most of them and found a few more....  Now, see what they mean to me??  LOL

Nothing is safe when the voices start up!!!

  • i name it PACKED POWDER ! — model40fan
  • (but I did keep my error TH Packard. spectraflame paint w/ reg wheels, and reg card) — CrzyTrkrDude
  • it might end up as my Mad Max racer!! LOL — CrzyTrkrDude
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FatMike 4/11/15

I ordered a couple of cases from Dollar Tree online and picked it up at the store near my house a couple years ago. My daughter said that she didn't want my grandsons getting anything big for Christmas. They had enough. All I could give them were some Hot Wheels. So I gave both of them a case a piece. 2 cases of HWs about $60, the look on her face priceless. LOL

  • I just checked $Tree online, sadly, right now , no HW, only MBX 36 car case avail. but, it's something... — CrzyTrkrDude
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delta6 4/16/15

Kmart online has been sending out some sealed 36 count cases with mixed reviews. Some people are happy and some people are complaining about getting repack from local stores overstock shipped to them. 

I purchased a sealed case from dollar tree and although I didn't find anything memorable it was a sealed case. Just full of stuff I didn't need.

I'm sure if you purchased a case from a reputable (100% feedback & lots of sales) seller on ebay you'd be ok. Probably around $75 bucks for the older case codes.

  • I would think one might could return the unwanted cars, if somehow, they were rung up individualy? — CrzyTrkrDude
  • The case purchased was for a local event at our church, so it still served it's purpose. But of course I'm going to look through it :-) — delta6
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redlinederby 4/16/15
Site manager

Interesting to hear about buying a box and "not getting anything you want" - because to me a case is just a way to get a lot of cars in one shot. I understand there could be 5 dupes in the box but oh well. I guess I'm a minority in that I'm not looking for an Hunts or other collector variations. I just want cars that I can race, tear apart, give away or give to my kid.

Although I have been giving more thought to selling my "extra" cars online, but I'm not sure it's worth the hassle. I don't see your non-collectible cars having much ROI. You'd have to sell a $1 car for $3 to make any money. 

  • on ebay every car is $3.00 counting shipping — model40fan
  • or more. at least. Whatcha got for sale? send me a big zoomable photo. the Mrs and I might be interested. open or sealed... — CrzyTrkrDude
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delta6 4/17/15

Some people race specific castings and some people collect specific castings. You simply aren't guaranteed to find what you're looking for in a sealed case, but it's never been a waste of money. There's always a good cause to donate cars to: charity garage sales, Toys for Tots, etc...

If I'm looking for inexpensive cars to cut up for racing I look for large lots of multiple cars that people are selling on ebay. They can be found for less than a sealed case if you look often.

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