How to add your race to the Redline Derby calendar

redlinederby Thursday, 5/3/2018
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All Redline Derby Racing members can add events to the racing calendar. It's a great way to promote your racing event, whether it's a mail-in tournament, live club racing, or something on your YouTube channel. Get the word out...share, share, share!

Use the simple steps to add your event to the calendar

1. Start a new topic

Click the New topic link in the main menu at the top of any page.

2. Click the blue button

Make sure you click the blue Post new event button . Only event posts will get added to the calendar. Normal discussion topics and articles do not get the option.

3. Choose a template

A template guides you through the information you need for your final post. You will always be able to review your post before it gets published.

There are currently 3 templates available to help you build your post. Choose the one that matches up with your event, or just say you don't want to use a template. 

  • Mail-in tournament - Choose this when you're accepting mail-in entries for your race. This template provides a lot of detail but remember that you can edit or remove whatever details you don't need.
  • Online race event - Choose this if you're posting about YouTube racing or other type fantasy league event that doesn't allow mail-in entries nor will it be live and open to the public.
  • Live race event - Choose this when you're posting about a club meeting race or other diecast event happening in your community. Best to post about events open to the public.
  • I don't want a template - Choose this if you don't want or need a template and just need to add something the calendar.

4. Make sure you include a date

Your post must have a date filled in, otherwise it won't get added to the calendar. Using a template will help avoid forgetting this, but you should always double check.

Unfortunately, if you happen to forget or skip the step of posting an event, you'll have to re-post using the correct option. We can't convert a discussion post into a calendar event.

5. When your race is over

Once your race is complete and you have results, you should report your results so everyone can easily see who won and the other finishers. You can also provide a video and some commentary about the race if you want. It's quick and easy...learn how.


Hello I'm have been part of your site for a short time can I get some rules I thought your modify classes what are the weight limits because I'm going to start having ration drag racing style six lane the name of my shop in raceway is uncle Joe's speedway  in Lakewood Colorado so if you can give me any advice I would appreciate it thank you

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redlinederby 1/5/21
Site manager

The rules for your events are entirely up to you. Redline Derby doesn't dictate any rules or formats you must follow. We have some guidelines to help you think about your events but they're not law, per se.

If you go through the process outline above, you'll see the template we provide as a good starting point. You can make any changes you want to final post before it gets published. We guide with a checklist and things to think about, but ultimately how you put your race together is up to you.

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