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Heck yeah I love to compete. Go ahead and confirm Jason Miles AKA me. 

PS. Are jaguars still fast If there are no evos to hunt?

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DogSquabRacing 11/21/23

I'd like a spot if there are any left. (Jay Bo)

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Bolo_Brown 11/21/23

I would like to enter if they're still room

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Spirit_Of_64 11/21/23

I'll claim a spot please!

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Ghoul_City 11/21/23

Ghoul City would like to submit the #68

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RaSungod 11/21/23

Sing me up!

Ra Sungod of Ra Sungod Racing #79

Please include me!

  • Of course!!! Thanks for confirming!!! — Marco_Polo
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MWAI_Racing 11/21/23

MWAI Racing would like to get in on this!

I would like to enter this one!

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Sam_Haul 11/21/23

I'd like to get in on this, if I may.

  • Of course ,welcome aboard... — Marco_Polo
  • Hey, sorry I missed this, have been slammed at work. Car is built, but been iced in, and haven't been able to make it down to post office. Hope I can still send one next time. — Sam_Haul

this track looks magical! Can I come??

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SpyDude 11/21/23

-tosses my hat in the ring-

So any production vehicles except a Mitsubishi Evo?  Do trucks and vans count, or only cars?

  • You're in!! Trclucks and vans are OK — Marco_Polo

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