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StarCorps 11/21/23

StarCorps Industries will be happy to send representitive. 

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Dretty 11/21/23

I'll definitely take a spot.

Could I join #32

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JeffSpeed07 11/21/23

Thanks Marco, but I don't make modified cars, I only do choose your rides. Thanks again, can't wait to watch the racing on your track. ????

  • No worries I'll update the list today ,thanks for letting me know I hope you enjoy the event — Marco_Polo
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Hartbeat 11/21/23

Is this race going to be posted to YouTube?  If so I would like a spot please.

  • Yes I'll be posting videos on YouTube , welcome aboard — Marco_Polo
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RayRaySugar 11/21/23

Great looking track you have there. I would love to send in an entry.

I'm in.

  • Right now the event is full but I'll be taking your entry as an alternate if someone doesn't shows up.Thanks for your interest. — Marco_Polo
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Marco_Polo 11/21/23

Hello Racers !!! 

Right now the inaugural event at "La Caridura Racetrack" is full but I'll be taken four alternates just in case  someone don't shows up of those four one spot is already taken so there's only three spots left as alternates.


Marco Polo

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Fat_Dad 11/22/23

Love to be an alternate. 

(dang, your race filled up fast!) 

  • You are going to be alternate #2, thanks for your interest in participating!!! — Marco_Polo
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Marco_Polo 11/23/23

Here's the link for the channel

  • Added in the beginning of this post — Marco_Polo
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G_ForceRacing 11/23/23

Dang, sorry I missed this one .. .alt 3?

  • Nothing against the EVOS lol!!! Me personally own a 2006 OZ Rally , is only that I got different plans for them !!! — Marco_Polo

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