Print-it-yourself Custom Waterslide Decals

Bongo Thursday, 3/3/2022

I've got my first packet of blank decal paper on the way. Any hints or hardwon bits of wisdom you can share with an eager rookie driver? 


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revhobbies 3/3/22

Make sure you seal it... there's different ways of sealing, I like to put a mixture of 85% polycrylic and 15% water into an airbrush and give it 2 coats.  Not much more to it than that.  If you want brand logos is a good site for the vector files which you can resize in graphic design software.  Inkscape is a pretty good program for free, I think it should open those files but not guaranteed.  I use CorelDraw myself.

  • Thanks for the tips! That link is great! — Bongo

I print my own and seal them with a few coats of Aleene's Acrylic Sealer.

Make sure you check out this thread regarding water slide decals:

  • Thanks! I had read that thread -- super helpful stuff. I've also watched probably too many youtube tutorials. — Bongo
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