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Racing Champions Cup Series

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I'll throw my hat in the ring, Terrance Jr. is looking for a new ride as I type this.

I'd like to send one also, can wheel/axle sets be non-RC?

  • Yes. Any wheel / axle combo you desire. — FPD_Racing
  • Yes. Any wheel / axle combo you desire. — FPD_Racing

Hey so I was thinking about buying this racing champions vw Jetta to use for the race so I just wanted to make sure if it was allowed or not ?

  • You can if it says racing champions on the bottom as is stated in the rules. But you do realize this is a NASCAR race right? — FPD_Racing
  • Nah, if you need one email me your address and I’ll send it to you. Don’t run this thing — BlueLineRacing

First Attempt. 

  • Sexy bitch. Can't wait! — FPD_Racing
  • I am impressed by the weight added to that. Stock my car was 48g — Uncle_Elvis
  • This one without the interior was only about 31 grams — BlueLineRacing
  • @Uncle Elvis, that was my first thought. I actually had to hollow out the body more the add weight and keep the center of gravity low — RLoRacing

One done, 1 more to go and the faster of the 2 makes the trip.

  • I built 5. Not sure which one to send. — FPD_Racing
  • It’s a tough call at 50g I’m not sure what is fast enough. Especially since I centered the weight — BlueLineRacing
  • Each track will be different and have their own bugaboos. But I guess all that all that matters is doing well at Bay City Diecast. You gotta at least qualify right? — FPD_Racing
  • Kleenex car won out here, running high 1.87s for 50g with centered weight is better than I expected. Can you message me with the address that it’s going to first — BlueLineRacing
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FPD_Racing 6/26/21

Guys, I F'd up and posted the results or the Down South Drop Too Series on this race. I am trying to get it undone but I don't think it's gonna happen. I may end up having to repost the race... stand by

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Sneaky_Bob 6/27/21

Dangerous Dawn will have an entry as well.

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Sneaky_Bob 6/27/21

Here is Sneaky Bob's entry.

Build number 2 underway

I can't choose

  • The Kleenex car. Nice wheels plus the brown stain on the door is a plus. And then a big brown shark came. — CrazyEights
  • I’m not sure if those wheels are good for the open tracks. The yellow has been more consistent but the blue has the faster time. — BlueLineRacing
  • Im partial to the Nesquik car but thats because it LOOKS authentic. — FPD_Racing
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FPD_Racing 7/1/21

Cars have started to roll in!

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FPD_Racing 7/1/21

And here's some more!!!

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