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Racing Champions Cup Series

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Big_Al 6/6/21

Well, I think I found mine!  #16 and shiny gold to boot!

  • I Love it! Sexy. I want those wheels! — FPD_Racing
  • We'll have to see if they can roll at all. We are allowed to switch out wheels on these, right? — Big_Al
  • Yeah — FPD_Racing

I'll send one in! 

Found one, and it's already at the 50g weight limit when stock. Wheel swap and paint job only, I guess!

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Would something like this  be ok still have another one..... But was wondering if cutting into the hood is acceptable

  • I’d rather you didn’t — FPD_Racing
  • The car is a Racing Champions, with numbers and sponsors, which were the original limitations ….. — SpyDude
  • Ok that's why I was asking that way I didn't build it and then find out it wouldn't work ????.... I do have a bunch of others to choose from.... Thank you for the response — RAGTAG_JIM

Piggy 2 Lil' from Monster Motorsports will be driving the #99 Exide Ford Taurus for quals. Testing done and she's hopping on the hauler and headed to the Bay. Hoping she makes the top 16.

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NDeavers80 6/7/21

Can I get in on the action?

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NDeavers80 6/7/21

also if I'm allowed to enter is this legal it is a racing champion

  • Damn Nick. You have all the sweet rides. — EightOCRacing
  • I don't have it yet. I took that picture last weekend at the flea market — NDeavers80
  • Well hopefully she will still be there for ya. — EightOCRacing
  • If it's allowed I'll buy it — NDeavers80
  • Sweet looking casting ND. Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • That's a cool racing champions casting — MadMike

I'm in! I have plenty of these cars! 

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Have a couple to choose from..... Will figure out what one.... Dot pay attention to my earlier post with the Daytona's

Darnquick2021 is sending #90 Ford Taurus.

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JAdairRacing 6/11/21

JAdair Racing will be sending in a entry

Ready to roll! 

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FPD_Racing 6/17/21

Who's gonna win 

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