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Racing Champions Cup Series

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Count Me in....

I don't own a Racing Champion, but I like the sound of it! 

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GhostRacing 6/3/21

I like the Racing Champoins idea. Count me in!

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Driepe51 6/3/21

Doc #51 Docs Speed Shop

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Sam_Haul 6/3/21

Found a few today to select from.  Count Sam Haul of Team DRT3K in for an entry, if you please.

  • Good to hear! Good luck! There's a LOT of fast builders vying for the 16 spots! — FPD_Racing

Would love to join...but I know I'm not gonna be able to find a car...guess I'm just gonna be a spectator for this series...

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cirons42 6/4/21

I would definitely like to participate in this!

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RLoRacing 6/4/21

So the one I was gifted for Christmas doesn't say Racing Champions underneath, just RCI (Racing Champions INC), just wanted to make sure this is ok before building 

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Numbskull 6/4/21

Count me in please.  This sounds awesome.

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SpyDude 6/4/21

Screw it - I just ordered a RC Rusty Wallace car. Put in SpyDude, Aces High Racing, for the #2.

I'm in to. Got to find a racing champion car. 

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SpyDude 6/4/21

You should do a winners and losers bracket for more racing. I know some guys aren't going to make the top sixteen, but at least they'll do more than just make one qualifying run down one track that way.

  • Something else will happen with those that don’t qualify. Not sure what but we’ll see. — FPD_Racing
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Dj2112yyz 6/6/21

I'm going to pop my racing cherry on this one. I built the Valvoline number 6 last night and got my neighbor to print out the  entry form.

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