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Racing Champions Cup Series

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Sam_Haul 7/16/21

"Green Gene" in the mail as of yesterday.

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NDeavers80 7/20/21

Im going to miss the deadline. I havent mailed mine yet with moving and everything I misplaced my car, just found it today and have no way to test it. Im sorry

  • I understand. Sorry you couldn’t make it. — FPD_Racing
  • Me too. I had built 2 cars. One was that Chevelle and it was slow never got to test the second — NDeavers80
  • Hope your move goes well and all is ok. Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • I built two if you’d like me to send one on your behalf — BlueLineRacing
  • Sure blueline I'll accept this time thank you — NDeavers80
  • Thank you marc — NDeavers80
  • Ok Nick, just saw this now. As long as it’s accepted I’ll mail out Monday — BlueLineRacing
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AGI_RACING 7/25/21

My car showes it arrived Monday can you confirm that please. 

  • It’s here. — FPD_Racing
  • I tried to use this link. It keeps saying no matches found. I wrote it down even to make sure I put in correctly. — AGI_RACING
  • — FPD_Racing
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cirons42 7/27/21

I'm not going to make this race, I was able to aquire my cars but lost track of time (middle of moving) and thought i had more time to mod but it was too late.

Nick Deavers Nestle Quick #10 has arrived in CA

Does anyone know if the qualifying happened yet? I don't see it anywhere 

  • For as many of you guys that signed up, they're probably still waiting on cars to get there. — CrazyEights
  • He's editing video — MadMike
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FPD_Racing 8/8/21

Qualifying video is up!!! Go see if you made the cut!!! 

  • Ouch. Just ……. ouch. — SpyDude
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AGI_RACING 8/22/21

Were are videos of the races at. Was want to see who one? Also the event the cars that didn't make the top 16. Were the race videos from that?

  • The cars that didn’t make it I don’t believe raced yet. For the cars that did they are racing at Bay City Diecast on YouTube — BlueLineRacing
  • Thank you — AGI_RACING
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AGI_RACING 9/24/21

Does anyone know when the cars that didn't make will race

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