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Saturday, September 20th, 2014
Diecast64 Sunday, 8/24/2014

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So I'm trying my hand at my first mail-in race.  I've done a bunch of races for the "locals" but I thought I'd invite everybody to participate next month.  So here it is.

Racing for pinks is a race where the winner of the race gets all the cars entered in the race.

  • Race Date: Saturday, September 20th, 2014
  • Mail-in cars are welcome.
  • Only stock cars are allowed. Stock cars are cars that have not been modified in any way.
  • This race is open to any brand name 1/64 scale car. (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lighting, etc.)
  • Limit of 2 cars per person.
  • The four lane color country speedway will be used for this race. It will be 18 feet with a start height of 30 inches.
  • The race format will be a point elimination race. Points are accumulated after each race. First place gets 0 points, second place 1 point, third place 2 points, fourth place gets 3 points. A car is eliminated when 8 points are accumulated. This ensures that each car will race at least three times. The race winner is the last car that has not been eliminated.
  • A $1 donation to help with shipping all the cars to the winner would be appreciated but not required.
  • Mail-in cars can be sent to
    Robby Comeford
    P.O. Box 156
    Washington, Utah
  • Mail-in cars need to include the following information.  You can print out a Race Entry Form here or include the following information on a piece of paper:
    Return Mailing Address
    Team Race Name
    Cars included


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Do the car have to be carded, or unopened? Will the race be videoed?


I'm in either way, just asking. Thanks for taking the lead, and setting up more racing.

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Diecast64 8/25/14

Cars can be loose (opened).  My buddies and I thought this presented an interesting quandary.  Do I race my fastest car knowing I could lose it, or do I bump it down a notch and race one I'm not so worried about losing...and will everybody do the same or will somebody step up and race the fastest car in their collection.  We thought the psychological twist of trying to figure out what everyone else would do would make it interesting.  :)

Just trusting everyone on keeping them stock. 

I am planning on taking video of the race if all goes according to plan.

  • Okay, cool...Are there any weight or wheel restrictions? — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Not a stocker racer, but can i send a prize for 2nd place ? ... — model40fan
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72_Chevy_C10 8/25/14
Event coordinator

Hey CCRider,

I love the race trailer!

Same question as Traction Event...Un-opened? Or just stock cars, with rivets still in tact?

Sounds good, either way!


You'll get my fastest two stockers...Mattel will make more... Bring it on. 

Same track as in the video trailer?

  • What really are your two fastest stockers? I've always been curious. — KandORacing
  • Depends on the track, and it can change... — Traction-Event
  • On your track, which are fastest? — KandORacing
  • Ok I'm in but no way am I risking my V16 Caddy Concept fte. It's undefeated on my track. I ain't done with it yet. — FatMike
  • K&O, with my ROC coming up...I can't'll know this weekend — Traction-Event
  • OK Cool! — KandORacing
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Diecast64 8/25/14

72_Chevy, no weight or wheel restrictions, so Monte Carlo Concept Cars and FTEs are all free game :)

Traction-Event, It will be the same track in the trailer, with a higher start height and a few more sections added to make it longer.

I'm excited you guys are interested!

  • Cool! I'll get some cars sent your way in the next week or two! And you are very welcome to compete in the City Series race! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Cool! I'll be sending a few cars your way too for the City Series race. — Diecast64
  • Awesome...glad to hear it! I get me address to you! — 72_Chevy_C10
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FOTF 8/27/14

Is the track shown in the video the one this race will be held on?

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Diecast64 8/27/14

It is the same track, however the start height will be higher, and it will be longer.  The actual set-up will be as in the following video.

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otp1 8/28/14

Saint Louis mo is in and no charge to race right just send a dollar for shipping to the winner? ? We are ORANGE TRACK POSSE that's our name

  • Sweet! Yup no charge and the dollar for shipping isn't required, just a donation to help with shipping if you can. — Diecast64
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72_Chevy_C10 9/2/14
Event coordinator

Hey CCRider,

I picked out what cars I'll be sending this past weekend. I'll get them sent out this week some time :)


  • Awesome...I'll be looking for them! — Diecast64
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Diecast64 9/2/14

So I've got a couple of cars ready. I'm gunning for the win (pride is on the line) but I'm disqualifying myself from winning all the cars. So if I do win, the cars will go to the second place winner...including mine so somebody will be getting some pretty fast cars. :)

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model40fan 9/3/14

boxed up [3] of my favorite castings to modd... way 2 fast, '55 gasser and a '32 delivery as prizes...

 the series co-ordinator will choose who gets them...

... mailed Monday pm...

  • Awesome!!! — Diecast64
  • Got the cars yesterday. Thanks for the extra prizes! — Diecast64
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KandORacing 9/3/14

I'll be getting something sent soon.... Johnny Lightnings are gonna represent K & O Racing this time around.

  • Sweet! I'll be looking for them. — Diecast64
  • yes can't wait to own them lol j.k good luck — otp1

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