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Racing For Pinks mail-in

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My entries will be in the mail today. 

Gold F-40 from my race of champions, and a yellow Corvette C6 from factory wars... Time to go to work!

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JDC442 9/6/14

Love the track layout and videos!  

If I can find a little time to test some stockers, I just might enter.  

Gotta give Traction Event something to worry about!

  • Remember that movie Tombstone... "You called down the thunder, well now you got it!" Lol — Traction-Event
  • I'm your huckleberry. :) — Diecast64
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72_Chevy_C10 9/6/14
Event coordinator

Mine will be on their way on Monday...a yellow Diesel Boy and a red Ferrari F-40

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otp1 9/9/14

Orange track posse 1 (o.t.p1) will be sending a couple out in a day or two so many to choose from lol  so stl hopes to be ready

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otp1 9/11/14

Cars from saint louis mo is on the way

  • welcome otp1... looie... jeremy has told me about the mail in johnny racer from the show me state... — model40fan
  • I'll be looking for them. — Diecast64
  • Cars arrived today! — Diecast64
  • Lol he has has he lol cool glad the cars made it — otp1
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JDC442 9/15/14

Two of my finest: yellow Probe Funny Car and a Formul8r fte

sent out from Washington State, heading to Washington Utah!!

  • Welcome to the party....should be quite a mix of cars. I struggled with what I sent in.... — Traction-Event
  • Can't wait to see them race. I'm a sucker for race-action video! — JDC442
  • Sweet, I'll be looking for them! — Diecast64
  • Woohoo, your cars arrived today. Can't wait to race them! — Diecast64
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FOTF 9/15/14

Is graphite/lubricant/soap allowed on the cars?

  • Post 1, stock, not modified in any way.... — Traction-Event
  • And no tape....LOL — KandORacing
  • :p just kidding — KandORacing
  • Just making sure (something I don't use, so I wouldn't want to lose a car to it). Just wanted to make sure it was considered modding. — FOTF
  • Of course not--tape's the ultimate modifying/beautifying agent! Not sure if I dare, but I MIGHT send in a car with some...stickers. — FOTF
  • Stickers probably won't metter much, they don't add any speed obviously — KandORacing
  • I'm probably going to sticker mine up too — KandORacing
  • I was also operating under the idea that lubricants would not be stock. Stickers, however, could be fun! :) — Diecast64

Should be an interesting race, this track set up is very similar to the Old Weber Cabin Track we used to run...

  • I know--it's like the midpoint between that and WorpeX's. — FOTF
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FOTF 9/16/14

Not sure if my car's going to be out in a reasonable amount of time, so best of luck to whoever's entering.  I don't know if I'll have time to mail it (or, again, if I dare) between when SDR gets home this afternoon and when it closes.  Also--for whoever ends up with all these nice stockers--please consider mailing them in to race at the LJLRC sometime (I hope CCRider will forgive me--this just seemed like a good place to bring up the club).  We race all manner of stockers, and are happy to welcome mail-ins from...well, from around the country so far.

  • that's ok fotf we won't miss ya lol j.k — otp1
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KandORacing 9/16/14

I will make sure to enter them there after I take them from you Cameron :p

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KandORacing 9/17/14

Geez, it just never ends, I bought a Johnny Lightning Black with Flames '69 Camaro (my first ever) for this race and got it in the mail today. It has a sticky rear wheel on it... 16 bucks wasted on a defective car. Just going to have to be a mod project I guess. And so, I will have to withdraw from racing in this event since my two fastest cars I own besides the ruined Camaro are in the Finals at the LJLRC in December, and I can't risk losing them because of that. I sure wish I could have scored that other Camaro a week ago! The price got to 25 bucks, way too much in my opinion, so I let 'em have it!

  • I struggle with more than a buck a car, all over the .50 cent bins... — Traction-Event
  • Unfortunately 16 bucks is actually pretty cheap for one of these Camaros — KandORacing
  • Lol I think I bid on that one hahaha well I found one for buy it now for 25 so one is in the mail for me not for pinks — otp1
  • Cool, I hope yours is in better shape than mine was. — KandORacing
  • Dang, would have been cool to see it race. — Diecast64

I know there will be a video...any other details?

Number of entrants?


Burnout marks in the driveway...?

  • I hope my F40 has enough rubber left on the rear tires...I did a bunch of burn-outs before I sent it in! :) — 72_Chevy_C10

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