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Racing For Pinks mail-in

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redlinederby 9/21/14
Site manager

Nice to see an RLD guy bring home the gold!

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johnnyl 9/21/14

Congrats OTP on the win! See your cars at the Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club in October.

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Diecast64 9/22/14

Here's the video...hope I got all the races in the right order and labeled right...I slowed down the video so you could see all the action, sorry it's kind of long.

  • Good job on the video! That's a lot of work! I hope that you run another event some time! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • CC, what was your team name? Also track had more drop than I originally thought... — Traction-Event
  • Sweet video yes disney bus wow — otp1
  • I was 9.81 racing - (the physics guys get it) — Diecast64
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JDC442 9/22/14

Heading off to vacation this morning, so don't have time to watch the video.  It will have to wait until I get back. Thanks for putting on this incredible race CCRider!

Congrats on the win OTP, you beat us all with a Magic bus -Matchbox no less!  Enjoy the spoils!

Love the shot of that sweet yellow Probe Funny Car on the video -gonna miss that one.

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Diecast64 9/22/14

Thanks again everybody for entering and Model40fan for sending some extra prizes.  Maybe OTP can put some sweet pipes on that Disney Bus from the Way 2 Fast he's getting from ya.  Haha, just kidding...keep that bus as it is. Smooth and fast!  I'm packing up the cars tonight and they'll be on their way.  Enjoy!

  • awesome this was my first race with red line and it was sweet you all will see more of the O.T.P — otp1
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Diecast64 9/23/14

The spoils...

...are all packed up. I'll send them out tomorrow.  Congrats again OTP.

  • Good gets on those F40s — redlinederby
  • thanks and thanks for the Xtra prizes — otp1
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otp1 9/26/14

Just got the box of cars in today thanks to all who raced I'll see you next time in whatever lane we are placed lol

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