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Racing In The Past Lane

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This sounds fun. I would like to try my hand at a modified drag race. The way I understand it is that both the stock and mod races are limited to the big 3 from the sixties and seventies, the the weight limit for stock is 58g and the mod limit is 150g. What are the rules about coned wheels and enlarged wheel wells?

I think I'll send one in for the mod race.

  • Yessir, stock is Big 3 at 58g....mod is a car of your choosing and only rules is 150g other words, make it fast — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
  • Thank you, I will probably go with a different entry for the mod race then. — Roberts_Diecast_Motorsport

Is the shelby a/c cobra an aproved casting? It was made before shelby sold out to ford but it did have a ford engine.

The BIG 3 is Buick, Olds and Pontiac! Wait... what do you mean no... lol

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RayRaySugar 1/18/24

I'm gonna try this one for my first big drag race for mods. I'm not good enough for a fast stock yet, but I don't think I'll finish last in mods. Maybe. Funny thing is, I was going to ask you if I could send you a couple of stocks and mods just for comparisons sake anyways. Oh, and I'm watching your channel right now! Love it. Thank you.

- Raymond Gainey 

  • Thank you Raymond and go ahead and send what you'd like to see tested.....we look forward to seeing you at MileHighRaceway — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
  • A question, what are the size limitations in the mod race? I want to make sure that I don't send something that doesn't fit through the finishing gate. — RayRaySugar
  • No limit to size other than it needs to fit seamless track — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
  • Sorry, I meant how tall. I want to make sure it can finish underneath your finishing gate. — RayRaySugar
  • Use your tallest stock hot wheels as a guide — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
  • Ok. Thank you. I've been looking at some alternate diecast maker's vehicles for the modified race and some of them are REALLY tall. Thanks for getting back. I look forward to more of your videos! — RayRaySugar

I will put my hand up to enter, but will have to check out the details and work out what I have/to build.

I will be in the UK when this race is run!

Cheers Marc D

  • We certainly are looking forward to seeing MarcD at MileHigh — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
  • My apologies, I have had too much on, though I did work on some cars, that at this point, do not meet the high criteria required to be what I consider competitive enough to race here. Thanks, Marc D — CutRock_R_Marc_D

Stocks: An Aussie Question: I imagine a Ford encompasses any Ford made car, from where ever, made during 60s-70s?

A Chrysler , well they made several different branded cars.

A Chevrolet is a brand name under the parent of GM. So what cars are included or not allowed?

And for Mods one can use any casting?

Cheers Marc D

  • Mods any cast and as for the big 3 it's worldwide 60s and 70s.....I'm trying to be as lenient as I can to get a good variety — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
  • Are you thinking of the XB Falcon Marc? — EnZedRacing
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UmiRiRacing 1/22/24

Rad. Kai and I are in for one car each. Will have to get back to you on stock vs mod. 

  • Outstanding! Stock Race of course will be separate from the modified entries! Looking forward to seeing you 2 at MileHigh!!! — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
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EnZedRacing 1/23/24

How cool is it that you live in a place called "Loveland"  :) Do you say it with a sexy voice when quoting your address to strangers   'Luuuurv-land' 

I want to move to Colorado! 

  • Don't let the name fool you...this town is full of Jabronis lol — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
  • Hey EnZed ! I bet you had to look that up too!! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • The address is above but yes, I looked up Loveland to see if it was real :) — EnZedRacing

I starting building, and forgot to ask if you are still taking entrants.

I'm in for 2 stock cars providing I can find 2 castings of '60's -'70's cars. Are Dodge and Plymouth allowed as well?

  • Yes! — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
  • This race just make me Crack open 1 of the Johnny Lightnings I just recently bought. But you did say today, don't send a Johnny Lightning to a Hot Wheels race. Lol. — SteelCityMafia895
  • Yes, sir. You never want to send a Johnny Lightning to a hot wheel race if you expect to win. — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
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DTaylor44 1/28/24

BFG racing would like to be in please the stock class

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WallyChamp73 1/29/24


Is it too late for New Jersey Drive Racing to participate in your Event?

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