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Racing In The Past Lane

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Can we run any General Motors or just Chevy?

Could I enter a secondary experimental racer in the mod race if there's room? 

Get your cute memes and FB fingers ready. More broken hearts comin

  • On the dragstrip the saying is...."Run you car not your mouth".....but somehow you've won enough stuff to....well.....I'll shut up. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I wouldn’t run my mouth if someone wasn’t running theirs at every turn and if I do run my mouth I can back it up. — BlueLineRacing
  • And by "somehow" I mean.....what the heck is this guy doing that I DO NOT have figured out. Lol. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • There are a lot of people that haven’t figured it out and it’s killing them — BlueLineRacing
  • Well.....I basically said you've earned the right. I'm not cutting you down....I'm curious and trying to compete. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Just wondering why none of them have ever challenged me to a grudge match? Wouldn’t that be the easiest way to settle it? — BlueLineRacing
  • Good point. How do we arrange that? My cars are not up to par yet but I'll accept a challenge. (Yes I'm kinda stupid too). — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Haha, trash talk starts, I love it! — Bavarian_Diecast_Racing

I have a stock ambulance at Elevation that is 90g you can race your fastest car against. Just to be fair.

  • Let's do it. I'm not expecting to win but the fastest car in my collection is at Elevation also. Elevation....can you set this up? (Man I hope I don't loose embarrassingly) but I encourage any racers.....give it a shot. The only way to get better is by facing the fast ones. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I realize you're not saying your "fastest" car is at Elevation but one we can do this with is. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I won’t race my fastest car vs you. That wouldn’t be right. I will race a stock car vs your fastest. — BlueLineRacing
  • I got to know - what stock ambulance clocks in at 90g? It sounds huge! — StrayDog
  • Sounds good. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Siku Ambulance from West Germany — BlueLineRacing
  • Wow, nice! Didn't realize they got that hefty! — StrayDog
  • If you don’t want the 90g ambulance you can race the 80g mod. Your choice — BlueLineRacing
  • If the ambulance is "stock" is probably my only chance. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Ambulance is stock yes — BlueLineRacing

If you're a keyboard warrior and think you're fast let me know. Elevation diecast will host it. 
"There is no place to hide on the quarter mile drag strip"

  • I am cutting a V16 in half atm. — Numbskull
  • I have no idea what to do next. — Numbskull
  • But, every ounce of angst I have will be aimed at your stretch. — Numbskull
  • I love this spirit of competition! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Congrats for sticking with drag racing. Most don’t have the stomach for it — BlueLineRacing
  • I'm entered in a lot of open track stuff also but I will not give up on the drag strip. It takes more skill on the drag strip. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Stick with drag racing and they’ll hate to see you show up to the open track. — BlueLineRacing
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FPD_Racing 4/3/24

Does the mod cars have to be a member of the big 3? 

I am in for the 150gram mod class

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StrayDog 4/8/24

On the way!

This tournament just snuck up on me these last few days. I do not have my cars ready to send yet. I will have to forfeit this one.

Are Corvettes allowed? Technically they're part of Chevrolet, so idk

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