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RaginRicky 2/16/24

Quick question? $5 per car for the event or $5 each time the car goes down the track?

  • Is this a serious question? — BlueLineRacing
  • Maybe. Don’t judge. I’m new to the mail in racing. Building a modified now. Also would like to know can we repaint stock entries or at least remove tampo and add different decals — RaginRicky
  • Not a terrible question. 1:1 cars on the dragstrip is $X per run. So, not completely out of left field. — Uncle_Elvis
  • No such thing as a terrible question.... It is just $5 per car that you enter and a $10 fee for return shipping if you want your car's back. — ElevationDiecastRac1ng

Do you have room ?? HotRods would  like to send a stock and modified! 

Sounds good David, I'll send 2 for the Stock Race!

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JACRacing 3/8/24

In for 2 Mods

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NRRacing 3/9/24

I might be in, maybe.

I will be able to send 2 for the stock race!

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Kingjester 3/15/24

Yeah sorry I would have to back out, school mainly prevented me from making a build for this in time. I swear next time there is a tournament here I will get in on the action.

Put me down for 2 mods! I've been waiting for one that allows 100+ grams!

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RaginRicky 3/18/24

2 Dodge Challengers in the mail today. Forgot to take pics. Shame on me. One stock and one mod

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Rusty_Rod 3/18/24

Count me in for the stock class if there's still room 

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E67DRT 3/18/24

I would like to send 2 for the stock race if there 

is still room thanks

Put me down for 1 mod

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