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Ram Rod 400: Truck Edition - FULL

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In please!


Thanks for entering!

  • I'm gonna get there sooner or later bro'!! :) — G_ForceRacing

Dang too slow. ??

Ah dangit.. Day Late and a dollar short again

  • Yeah me too.... Rats! I gotta watch closer!! — G_ForceRacing
  • I wonder if there's a way to get phone alerts when new events are posted here? You're probably not the one to ask.. ha — FlatRabbitRacing
  • I like that idea! — G_ForceRacing
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James_B 2/27/23

Aw gutted I'm too late for this one! Maybe next year! (Starts a ram rod build for 2024)

Best of luck to the entrants!

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dr_dodge 2/27/23

that filled fast!

  • I registered an hour after the video was posted publicly. I am in third to last to register. — SpyDude
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Numbskull 2/27/23

Late yet again.  It reasons like this that make me question why I even go to work in the first place...oh yeah, beer isn't free.  Lol.  This will be fun to watch.

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Marco_Polo 2/27/23

Ups filled up too fast!!! Maybe a second tournament just like Gravity Throttle did for Are you Trucking tournament???

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I love that my last ramrod entry is in the main picture I'll get to working on this year's alternative spot this weekend

  • I know, right? Mine is in there, too (blue Crate Racer). Who owns the pickup in front of yours? — SpyDude
  • That looks to be the one and only real crazy Canuck — RAGTAG_JIM


Good luck everyone

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NDeavers80 3/2/23

Looks like an alt spot is open? 

Anyone looking for motor ideas, I've seen both Tee'd Off 2 and Street Cleaver on the pegs.

  • I got about a dozen of the Tee’d Off 2’s ….. haven’t seen the Street Cleaver yet. — SpyDude

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