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Ram Rod 400: Truck Edition - FULL

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SpyDude 3/4/23

I have noticed that some vehicles have air scoops that extend up onto the top of the vehicle (i.e., Diesel Duty, Lolux, and Bedlam). Are those considered part of the motor, too, or no? Those air scoops are the highest point of the vehicle.

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SpyDude 3/4/23

I got a couple of trucks to enter!

(Okay, not really, but I figured you guys could use a laugh.)

  • Literally the embodiment of those Honda or Miata memes with tank engines… “THINK ITLL FIT!?” — 0utsiders_Street_Racing
  • Tee'd Off's engine looks good on anything! — TheMakersBox
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Kingjester 3/16/23

I like to think that my truck the Waste splatter came out pretty good all thing's considered 

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JeffSpeed07 3/21/23

Hey, what happened to the viper tournament?

  • He is dealing with the loss of a close family member. He will get around to it when he is ready, I'm sure. — cyrano_buckminster
  • Chill Winston…Tow will get to it when he gets to it… — Crazy_Canuck
  • Ah jeez that sucks,well send rubber my codelences and I wish him the best in this dark time — Kingjester
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Spirit_Of_64 4/11/23

I should've tried a splatter instead of a fade and painted the hood white so Marvin would stand out better, but the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator is nearly ready to go! 

  • That is a massive motor! What casting did you borrow that from? — TheMakersBox
  • The HW Crate Racer! Nice thing about this casting is you don't even have to take it apart to get the motor, just a pair of snips. — Spirit_Of_64
  • Sweet. — Numbskull
  • I also used an F-150 SVT lightning I got my engine from a rigor motor,im the alternate roster so I’m still not sure about my status in the tournament but I still had fun making a mod for this event — Kingjester

UPDATE: Due date has been extended to Saturday, June 3, 2023.

  • With that in mind since I’m on the alternate roster I am waiting for a status update? Atleast to my understanding that’s what you told me — Kingjester

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