Reviews, what track does 3DBotMaker use?

redlinederby Thursday, 12/3/2020
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Most of us here are pretty familiar with the fat track options available out there but 3DBotMaker put together a good video chronicling his track sources over the years what he thinks about each one.

His current track is the Crash Racer's set that we've probably all scoured over the past several months. He's used the old Sizzler/Augmoto track and tried his own MagTrack Coroflot track in the past be he's settled on the Crash Racers as his favorite for now.


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ChiefWopahoo 12/3/20
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With the weather turning colder and outside chores on hold for a few months it's time to start planning and building my basement raceway so this is great info - Bruno

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