Tournaments and RacingThe Firecracker 40 - '32-'34...The Finals!

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When: Saturday, July 2, 2016

The original thread is located here...

I really have to credit Smitty for the inspiration for this race...he and I have tossed around this idea for a couple years now. And I think the time is right for it. 

The concept is pretty straightforward. You can use one of two frames...the Dumpin' A/'32 Ford Pickup frame or the '34 Ford Frame...and one of about 8-10 '32-'34 bodies (I'll list them below) to build your cars. This race  will  begin as the Bare Muscle 3 race ends over the Fourth of July weekend, so the 'Summer Nationals' will also take place, combining the two series.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight 57 gram max
  • Size restrictions; 3" long, orange track wide
  • Cars per entrant 2 cars per entrant max
  • Cars must use a 32 Ford pickup/Dumpin' A chassis or a '34 Ford Chassis and one of these bodies:
  • dumpin A, '32 delivery, '32 3 window, duece roadster, street rodder, mid mill, midnight otto, '32 pick up, '32 5 window, '32 vicky, '32 vicky, demon, way 2 fast,

    '34 3 window, '34 convertible, '34 delivery [small], '34 sedan, '34 delivery [big], '34 roadster [small], '34 5 window, sooo fast,

    '34 dodge humpback panel,

  • Wheel limitations, requirements Fte's allowed
  • Must be drilled rivets
  • Dry lubes only
  • Misc requirements, one per line


TBD I'm sure Smitty and I can come up with some prize cars for this

How to enter

Post a pic of your car in this thread or jyst send them in

Shipping fees...please try to include return shipping unless you would like your car to go onto the prize pile

Where to send your cars

Chris Raab 

9 Sherman Ridge Road 

Sussex, NJ 07461

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

July 1st, 2016

Scoring and Winning

As of right now, thus is a one-shot race, but if people are interested in hosting, it can turn into a series


I will enforce the Traction Event Rule...if your car is over 3 grams overweight, it will be painted pink, raced, but not counted

Tracks & Dates

As of now, it is a one-shot race, but if people would like to host, it can be turn into a series

Series tracks
  • July 2nd - NJ - 72 Chevy C10 
  • July 9th -  ME - Fordman
  • July 16th, KS - Wizardof Oz
  • July 23rd, NJ - 72 Chevy C10
  • Date, State - Host username

Winners and Results

TBD. Mention the winner, the final results and include a picture of the winning car if available.

The '37 Bugatti is 3 inches long after I tore off the front bumper and spare tire. Could this be entered for the race?

The cars ar listed Bugattis. Sorry, but there's a nice selection of cool cars on the list

Here's a picture of it atop a Jenga block:

Yup, that's a Bugatti on a Jenga  block :)

This race is for classic American Hot Rods...a Bugatti, though it has similar styling to a '33-'34  Ford...dramatic lines and flowing fenders...a Bugatti was a European, rich man's toy. They were an exotic car, even in the '30's. 

American Hot Rodders...mostly GIs returning after WWII, took the very simple, Model A Fords that were build before the war and they went racing. That's what this race is about...working with a simple platform, the cars from '32-'34 listed above, and putting them all on similar chassis to keep things fair...and going racing. The cars listed above are cool cars and there are lots of them out there.

Can the Paddy Wagon body be used?

Paddy Wagon is an earlier Ford...around 1918, I think. Sorry, just the bodies and chassis listed above :)

Also bumping this one to the top!

This will be a fun race as well! The common chassis will make for good, close racing...and the bodies available will make for some cool looking cars rolling down the track!

3 to get 2  hot rods for the "Firecracker 40" ...

Midnite Otto ;

Nutha One ;

Gotta love them, Smitty!

I've had this Maisto hot rod around for a came with a cool COE hauler. The scale of the car is a little too big to race with, but the engine is about the right size.

The engine is held in with a screw, so I took it out and it is in two pieces (3, counting the pipes). So, I'll be molding these up if anyone is in need of a cool 3x2 carb setup!

yes sir on the 3 duece moulding...
I'll get you some, Smitty...I think it is a "Speed King" manifold! :)

Oh, and Smitty said that he would like to run these cars, so this is no longer a single race.

If anyone else would like to host, let me know :)

JULY 2nd race ;

  i'll be using a Sloppy Starter, a long shallow pitch, [no transfer], with only [8] 20" Expert Racers track sections running through a MICRO-WIZZARD timing system...

  may try my flip video recorder...

 if so, it may only be the finals as i don't know how to run the electronic stuff...

I haven't been very good about promoting this race...the Bare Muscle Race has had my attention. I'm pretty sure I can get some cars together for this race and I know Smitty's cars are ready...and I think Voxxer will be running. 

Anyone else planning on running in this one?

let me dig through the parts bin... I'm sure I have a few chassis...

Son don't ya know your gonna drive me from drinking,

 if ya keep on racing those HOT ROD "hot wheels"... go c10 go !


I'm building a ride for this race.

I'd like to get something together for this one as well.


Ok, sorry to ask but is it possible to get some pics specific of the castings with the required chassis?

The Dump'n A is easy enough to find pics of, but when I look up '32 Ford Pick Up I keep seeing 100% castings.

And if I just look for '34 Ford there's the '34 Ford 3 window, '34 Ford Sedan which looks a lot like the '34 Ford Delivery, and so on...

Sorry to be a pest.

No problem...I'll try to get some together...or maybe Smitty can pitch in too :)

Here ya go...these cars use the correct chassis...[user]...

The 34 chassis or the Dumpin A chassis can be used in this race

'34 3 window... '34 convertible... bases ........... or  A-OK... dumpin' A... '29 pick up...  bases...

both base styles have bumpers for front tire protection...

... rock the kazbar...

New to RLD, got one car finished and I'm working on the 2nd.  Should have them ready for race.

looking good... someone's been taking notes.
Cool...and Welcome!

welcome to the staging lanes... rocking that '32 tudor...

Lots of work to do...

I like the piles of filings all around! Looking good!
Sweetness... Spongebob engine?
V10..... hmmmmm.....
Spongebob, yes! Good eye, V12.

The 3 FTE cars will head out to sussex monday... the ones without dust... 2 of them will race the odd one out goes to the prize pool...


lots to do to finish this up... trying to make this race...

yea baby .... with weight placement.........then it's ready to ship.
Looks tight in Bellingham orange.
kansas comet... go ozzie go !



Guys, I'll only have one car in this race... Just ran out of time. I had a second in the works and broke the chassis rushing. Leaving on vacation mid-week... 

This old girl is ready to rumble... Windshield...we don't need no stinking windshield.

I will mail out tomorrow, ....along with a few prize cars for this series, and the bare muscle race


Voxxer Racing's entry...

skinny's on all corners. watching this one
I seen that........????

I suppose I  red to start building some cars for this race...


Great look as it sits... rough and ready, FTE wheel swap?
looks to have been painted a darker green... bet he was a proud little rascal...
I got this one in a lot a while ago...been waiting to build it. Yup, some FTE's in the near future :)
when i learned how to use ebay, bought every 1 under $3... 50 of them left...

I added a date to this race...I will run the cars on my track as it is set up now (301 inches) first, and I will run them again on a shortened track.

Would anyone else like to host?

Yes sir! I will host. What date?

Does July 16th work for you? I can just host the following weekend. If it does, let me know and I'll put you in first post.


Yes. July 16th will work.

Updated the first post...WizardofOz will be hosting the 3rd race of this series on July 16th.

Thanks for hosting!

 Just sent these two, looking forward to my first race.  Now I can start my Gassers.

Awesome...I'll keep an eye out for them!

I love how these rear bumpers are bent...

This thing was 'well played with' :)

I received Smitty's cars and prizes today. The copper Midnight Otto will be the prize car, along with a cool little solar turntable (I'll shoot video of's pretty cool).

Thanks for the prizes and for the light...I will try that out in the next race!

I'm glad to see this race is gaining some's funny how some races jyst take off and gain popularit and others never quite get going. But, it looks like this will be a fun one!

Voxxer Racing's 2nd car...

Looking good!

What's up with those wheels/axles....
That is speed.

Package in the mail from Traction Event...thanks for all the prize cars! The winner of this one will be getting some nice stuff!

Cars from Jdub3000 were in the mail yesterday...looking good! I'm expecting cars from Voxxer...and I need to get mine built yet! 

Anyone else? I think Delta 6 might have one coming too. Should be a fun race :)

And, the cars from Voxxer were in the mail today!

My car ships Monday.

Awesome! I'll keep an eye out !

I'm finally getting around to building my cars for this race...a '34 on a Dumpin' A chassis...nothing too fancy :)

I'll probably work on the Krusty Delivery tomorrow night...nothing like waiting til the last minute, huh?

It isn't quite as fast as the coupe...bur, what it lacks in speed, it makes up in cool! :)

both look great

Weigh-ins and numbering will take place tonight. I'm still waiting on WizardofOz's car to get here...and I'm not sure if Delta 6 got his car ready or not (let me know, Delta). 

The race will start tomorrow afternoon. If your car doesn't get here by then, Wiz, I have a rental car I can loan you for this race, but I can't really wait until next week (the cars will need to get to Smitty's for the next race). 

So, stay tuned all the weekend for all kinds of racing!

Here's quick video showing the weigh-in and the numbering...

Still no car from WizardofOz...I hope it's in the mail tomorrow. If it isn't, I do have a stand in car ready.

ugh... I'm fat! I need a new home scale.
call jenny !

I had some nice light this morning, so I did some team shots...

WizardofOz's cars were not in the mail this morning, I have a pretty cool Smitty-built Sedan that fits the bill for this race. I'll take a look to see if I have any deliveries before the race starts though.

I've wiped down the track and fun the test cars. I'll make up the bracket shortly and start the racing at Noon.

Good luck to All...the cars look really cool!

Here is the bracket...

The Win to get in races will start at Noon

The Win to Get In races...

Round One...

Round Two...

The Finals and Third Place Races...

Congrats to the winner...that is a quick car!

Cool thanks for hosting the race, getting ready for gassers event now.

Cool...glad to have you aboard!

good show vox... your cars appear to have been tied together at the door handles... great hosting c10, you have the video down pat...

Thanks Smitty!
Thx !!
Yup, and yup.. great job hosting, and another win for Voxxer... we're all chasing you now...

Hopefully, if Wizard's car gets here tomorrow, the cars will be on their way to Maine! If not, I can probably wait til Wednesday, but tgat is about as late as I want to push it.

The cars look Great, Guys!  And they ran really well...especially Voxxer! Those blue cars are going to be tough!

I did not get a car from Wizard of Oz yet today. I will hold out one more day before sending the cars along to Smitty.

Don't wait on my car. It has arrived back in my PO box.( embarrassed why) I will send it from here.

I just made it down to the Sussex post office before they closed, so, the cars are headed to Maine for Round 2!

Tracking #

9505 5157 9341 6187 0029 14

i'll be box watchin'...

postal service does good... cars are in maine... pictures if possible... racing saturday... go boys go...

My car should arrive tomorrow!


    Delivered:AUBURN, ME 04210 on July 8, 2016 at 12:47 pmScheduled Delivery Day:Friday, July 8, 2016, at 3:00 pm
    Money Back GuaranteeSigned for By: WAIVED  //  AUBURN,  ME  04210 //  12:47 pm

    Looks like it made it!

Glad that it got there okay! :)
chick named dotty came by in a baloon, dropped off a parcel and then told me she was off to see the wizzard !
We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!
if i only had a brain...
Don't look behind the curtain...........
What time is the race, today ?
family graduation party moved up to today will have to race tonight or sun morning... will post results as soon as we have a winner...
Awesome Smitty! Thanks for running them!
 WTGI... #21 RAN A 2.223 VS. #24 AT 2.135 X #21 RAN A 2.194 VS. #24 AT 2.117... #24 WTGI... #27 RAN A 2.105 VS. #20 AT 2.084 X #27 RAN A 2.105 VS, #20 AT 2.088 ... #20 WTGI.. #22 RAN A 2.074 VS. #OZ AT 2.116 X #22 RAN A 2.079 VS. #OZ AT 2.106... #22 VOX  QUARTER FINALS  #23 RAN A 2.085 VS, #24 AT 2.102 X #23 RAN A 2.092 VS, #24 AT 2.112 ...#23  #28 RAN A 2.099 VS. #25 AT 2.097 X #28 RAN A 2.098 VS. #25 AT 2.110... #28  #29 RAN A 2.087 VS. #20 AT 2.080 X #29 RAN A 2.140 VS. #20 AT 2.072 ... #20  #22 RAN A 2.074 VS. #26 AT 2.122 X #22 RAN A 2.079 VS. #26 AT 2.113... #22 
 SEMIS FINALS #23 RAN A 2.090 VS, #28 AT 2.098 X #23 RAN A 2.102 VS. #28 AT 2.112... THE VOX #20 RAN A 2.085 VS. #22 AT 066 X #20 RAN A 2.083 VS. #22 AT 2.076... GUESS WHO 
FINALS "THE BROTHERS QUICK" FACE OFF FOR THE WIN AND FAMILY BRAGGIN RIGHTS #23 RAN A 2.090 VS. #22 AT 2.075 X #23 RAN A 2.094 VS. #22 AT 2.076... ..........................................#23 IS THE FINALS WINNER
because the results have run together they put a winners # ahead of the next pass, check other topic
Is there a list of #car = owner?
Cool Another win. Any Video ?
congrats voxer... good stuff... i am much better with a welder than a video/comp set up...
thanks for hosting Smitty, nice win Voxxer
Hey Wizard, The numbers were in the weigh in video, but I never listed them out... 20, 21 JDUB3000 22, 23 Voxxer 24 Traction Event 25, 26 Fordman 27, 28 Chevy C10 29 the car the I subbed in for WizardofOz Oz WizardofOz Sorry about that ;)
Thank you sir!
opps i ran both the #29 and #oz... 11 car field,,, had ozzy win to get in...
It says 23 is the winner, but 22 had the faster times.
clocks don't lie... 22 is the faster car...
The race teams have arrived at CAR. Central America Raceway. Races and results should be posted by late afternoon tomorrow. Weigh in tonight.
Awesome! Thanks Wizard!
go ozzie go !
Have the results been posted ?
This is Wizard's first time hosting (I think?), I hope the results will be posted this weekend
Week three results are in... Congrats Voxxer!
go vox go !... thanks for hosting ozzie, well done.
Thanks !!
I wanted to let everyone know I had a blast hosting this race. The chance to look at all the modified cars was a genuine pleasure. Nice work all! The racing was CLOSE! The 3Dbotmaker finish gate made life easy. The WOO starting gate worked flawlessly. The only downside to the race is ........I screwed up the video. I'm going to leave it at that......LOL Thanks for allowing me to host.
Thanks for hosting, Geno! I'm glad that you had fun hosting! I hope you'll host more races in the future!
Cars are headed east! USPS 9114 9012 3080 3610 7060 96
Cool...thanks Geno!
Apparently, the cars are out for delivery...some where in Kansas. So, we'll see if the cars make it here by the weekend. I'll run them whenever they find their way to NJ. :)
maybe voxer's rods will get "old" on the way...
Hey, it looks like the cars are in NJ! So, there will be some racing this weekend!
The cars are in Sussex!
The cars are here! I will post the bracket tomorrow and run the race on Saturday. I'm thinking a Saturday Night Shootout might be cool for the final race.
lock and load...
Brackets for tomorrow night...
The track has been wiped down, the test cars have been run and we are ready to run! I shortened the track up to 240" (it was 300" for the last race), so it is just a little under a scale quarter mile. The 'Win to Get In' races will start at 7:00 tonight...and we'll have a little Old-fashioned, Saturday Night Shootout! Good luck to All and thanks for Racin'!
Here we go... The Win to Get In races...
Round One... Sorry, I'm not sure why they are showing up as links ??
Round Two...
The Finals and Third Place races... Great job, Guys....I'll wrap it up tomorrow, once everyone has had a chance to watch
good show all !
Great racing !!!
Great job to all the hosts. I'll be ready for gassers event, gonna start on hot rod right now.
The cars are going out tomorrow...I'll contact you with your tracking numbers. Thanks for racing, Guys! This was a fun race! I didn't have anything for Voxxer this time, I'll have to get him next time! Both Smitty and Traction Event 'prized' their cars from this, if you get one of their cars, it's not a mistake...they are both just very generous racers! I hope to see everyone in the Crew Chief race in September...and, if not in that one, I'm sure there will be some other cool races coming up! Thanks again, Guys!

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