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The Firecracker 40 - '32-'34...The Finals!

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delta6 6/9/16

I'd like to get something together for this one as well.

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delta6 6/13/16

Ok, sorry to ask but is it possible to get some pics specific of the castings with the required chassis?

The Dump'n A is easy enough to find pics of, but when I look up '32 Ford Pick Up I keep seeing 100% castings.

And if I just look for '34 Ford there's the '34 Ford 3 window, '34 Ford Sedan which looks a lot like the '34 Ford Delivery, and so on...

Sorry to be a pest.

  • No problem...I'll try to get some together...or maybe Smitty can pitch in too :) — 72_Chevy_C10
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fordman 6/13/16

'34 3 window... '34 convertible... bases ........... or  A-OK... dumpin' A... '29 pick up...  bases...

both base styles have bumpers for front tire protection...

... rock the kazbar...

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Jdub3000 6/15/16

New to RLD, got one car finished and I'm working on the 2nd.  Should have them ready for race.

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fordman 6/16/16

welcome to the staging lanes... rocking that '32 tudor...

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delta6 6/17/16

Lots of work to do...

  • I like the piles of filings all around! Looking good! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Sweetness... Spongebob engine? — Traction-Event
  • V10..... hmmmmm..... — fordman
  • Spongebob, yes! Good eye, V12. — delta6
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fordman 6/18/16

The 3 FTE cars will head out to sussex monday... the ones without dust... 2 of them will race the odd one out goes to the prize pool...


lots to do to finish this up... trying to make this race...

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WizardofOZ 6/19/16 with weight placement.........then it's ready to ship.

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fordman 6/20/16


Guys, I'll only have one car in this race... Just ran out of time. I had a second in the works and broke the chassis rushing. Leaving on vacation mid-week... 

This old girl is ready to rumble... Windshield...we don't need no stinking windshield.

I will mail out tomorrow, ....along with a few prize cars for this series, and the bare muscle race

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