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The Orange Monster Build Journal

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Measure those two marks on the level and then cut your 1x4 to the length of the top mark and make a mark where the lower mark/measurement is aka the underside/bottom of the set your skill saw for a very shallow cut...I cut mine at 1/4"  deep and did not cut the board in two....very important. I then kept the saw at the shallow depth and scored/cut several small cuts from the top of the 1x4 to my 1/4" deep trough and then popped those sections of wood out with a wood me a nice shelf and 100% counter pressure for when the new "pull" system is installed which replaces the toggle/trigger and takes care of lane integrity in lanes 3 & better videoing when racing.

Now it fits beautifully under the track and will be attached to a stand that is 12.5" long with two feet at 9 3/8" wide ( the width of the 6 Lane Race Way) where a 15lb dumbbell will rest and we will have a perfect new start gate system that allows for the operator to be out of the video when releasing the cars.  

Now with the 15lb dumbbell on the stand and this upper lip against the back of the track....perfect counter pressure and the track will not move and inch while racing.....I'll show the position of the eyelets in the next series of photos.

Just got to paint it to close out today and then put the eyelets on tomorrow....The Orange Monster will be higher, so just going to build an extension when the time comes and use the stand for The Quest for Speed (current configuration) and the extension for The Orange Monster.

Works like a charm and IMO even better than the original toggle/trigger system.

Purposely put a car in Lane 3 that would have been compromised before with the toggle/trigger....lane integrity has been achieved...mission accomplished here at League of Speed Track Building & Design HQ.


For MDG Racing....lose the Toggle...Free Lanes 3 and 4!!!!

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Mopar_Mafia 6/14/18

Stock length or did you add additional run out?

It will most of two 6 lane raceways and then 8' to 10' of runout...starting gate doubled will be at least 38" off the length 18' to 20'...don't know exactly yet.

Getting all my supplies later this week...we got the Christmas Tree up and time to build the Orange Monster...get the MDF and get it to come.

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