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LeagueofSpeed Thursday, 1/4/2018

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This is a photo guide for the build journal of the Orange the removal procedure for the toggle/ it will not interfere with lane integrity in lanes 3 and 4.

These three small phillip head screws hold the underside mechanism for the above toggle.

This spring torsion bar is in two parts...lanes 1-3 and 4-6 but hold the entire piece with the car stops to the underside of the track.

This is the center of the piece that the car stops are attached to and where you would drill your hole for the has a nice circle already there for the pilot hole..

This is the lane/car stops pulled down.

I will probably use a fishing line like Spider Wire for my pull string...thin, yet strong and virtually invisible. Also, secure the track so the pulling action will not move/jostle the track.


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I'm going to use a 1x12 for the run-out, a 1x12 is 11 1/4" wide...I will duplicate the mounting slots on the board so the Finish Line will mount exactly like it does to the bottom of the 6 Lane Raceway...the run-out will be 12'.

...taking my time on this one...notes and photos to come.

  • FYI a 2x12 is twice as thick as a 1x12 and is half the cost FYI... — Mopar_Mafia
  • It's also an 1 1/2 thick...the transition from the 6 Lane to the run-out works much better with the 1x12 — LeagueofSpeed
  • Not disagreeing, just sayin'.... — Mopar_Mafia
  • No, I follow ya...might even go with a pre-fab so it doesn't cup later...need it to lay flat. — LeagueofSpeed
  • I've played around with it, photos in post below — Mopar_Mafia

Sweet!!!! I'm going to take the legs off and encase it in a frame...just have fun with it, as it has been in my head before Tobacco Road or Bootleg Run were even thoughts and ideas...much less tracks.

.....two Orange Monsters on the RLD Racing Circuit???

  • Yes, I agree. I don't care for the plastic folding frame. Had issues with it. You're going in the right direction. — Mopar_Mafia
  • Probably not my diecast brother. Mine is on loan to a friend right now. That hard plastic is a really fast track as you'll see. — Mopar_Mafia
  • I've had one since another about a year ago so I could have another piece to add to the build...looking forward to it. — LeagueofSpeed

Well, the legs can't be removed without cutting them off, so I could build a "step" like system to elevate the track. I was hoping to encase the body of the track in a frame...I still might, but the grey top part of the legs would be exposed and the legs would hang inside the frame and be unseen on the finished project...but my vision for the build had them off the track completely....not giving up the ghost just yet.

  • Might do a combo of both ideas....get the elevation I need then bulid a wall/blind to hide the framework...I'll figure it out — LeagueofSpeed

Well, that didn't take long!!! The plan going forward....keep the legs as is, but with the other section added it will be 4 legs instead of 3. I will build a frame work that the feet of the legs sit on and attach them to the wood frame with screws making it rigid and sturdy ...match up the paint color the best I can to the gray plastic and create a trestle like frame work that will look like all on piece under the track...kinda like the underside of a bridge.

The 6 Lane Raceway was designed to fit with the track builder set's, especially when moving the Finish line away from the end of the Raceway and having 6 lanes smoothly go underneath it.....ya need the more rigid type of Track Builder track...either the Arrow track or the Blue connector track, plus I need it for Damnation Alley as well. So, 80' of track for under $.50 cents a foot....I'll take it...and did....$19.99 a pack with free shipping.


  • I'm working on the leg extension/trestle framework for underneath the track...blueprints forthcoming — LeagueofSpeed
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redlinederby 2/4/18
Site manager

That's a pretty good deal, even for segmented track. And it's the blue connector track? Where'd you order it from?

Yes, blue connector track and off ebay.

  • I ordered a Mega Track Pack from Walmart. $20 for 40-ft. Good deal. — redlinederby

Going with's straight and flat and won't cup or twist later like wood. I used MDF for the curves on Bootleg Run and was MDF it is...and it's less than a  $1 per foot.

  • I'll be using MDF for Damnation Alley as well. — LeagueofSpeed
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DJRobLuv 3/12/18

Looks likes you’re headed in the right direction.

I hadn’t seen or heard anyone adding turns to the 6 lane, figured I’d give it a try...

I used 6 single lane old school half curves and did a little bit of measuring for the track pieces before and after the turn...

I have also made a left turn as well so the race is fair. Whoever was on the inside of the first turn will then be on the outside of the 2nd turn...

This was just a quick test to see if what I came up with worked in theory...

5 out of 6 cars made the turn... Not bad...

Hope this helps you with more ideas for your track!

Please, if you have any track tuning suggestions for the turns, I’m all ears...


  • If you have any build questions...feel free to ask, as I'm happy to help — LeagueofSpeed
  • wow I use the 6 lane speedway as well ... and was thinking of adding curves to my track as well since I have limited space .... how had the racing been going for you since adding the curve? — CRPRacing

There are no curves on the Orange Monster, just a straight drag, but it's most of two 6 Lane Raceways put together, then the run-out. I use two (2) of the vintage two lane curves on my Bootleg Run track and the bank is 65 deg. Mopar Mafia asked me if I was following the 3D build thread for the 6 Lane finish line stand he might be making in the future.

My curves are on Bootleg Run, the track 3D based his track build on.

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