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The Orange Monster Build Journal

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Bootleg Run is my two lane road course with a nasty streak.

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DJRobLuv 3/12/18


I’m sure I’ll be looking for advice sometime soon.

Bootleg run is beautiful, by the way...

I’ll probably make a more permanent 2 lane track sometime after I move, but your’s Is the standard for right now...

The aesthetics are awesome and you’ve dialed it in beautifully for competition...

Man I hope 3D can make that finish line stand reality...

I think everyone could use that...

Do you have a YouTube channel at all Speed?

Thanks. is League of Speed, the Tobacco Road and Bootleg Run videos are on the channel.

Good Luck with the builds and I'm around if ya need me...Peace-LoS.

Word from 3D is the 6 Lane Finish Line stand is coming from 3D Botmaker.....looking forward to obtaining one for the Orange Monster build, as I enjoy incorporating 3D's products into my builds...quality I trust here at League of Speed Track Building HQ.

  • I'm on track to have it available for sale sometime this week. — 3DBotMaker
  • I'll be on the lookout Brother — LeagueofSpeed

The build just got simpler....great looking product 3D!!!

The Toggle/Trigger has been removed...super easy, just take the grey plate/cover off...back the pin out and remove the toggle/trigger....just save your parts and they can easily be put back on in the future if you so desire.

  • View from track side...removed those liitle flags as well — LeagueofSpeed
  • I will make the slot for the toggle/trigger flush with the track and no more lane integrity issues for lanes 3 and 4 — LeagueofSpeed

  • The Track can be re-assembled if you choose at a later date — LeagueofSpeed

Had some foam board scraps laying fantastic and would have been perfect if it would have been orange.

Tomorrow I will have the stand and pull system up for viewing, it consist of a 1x4, 3 pack of eyelets and some fishing line...the cost(since I already had the fishing line) was only $3.86...I also already had the paint. We will be using the Stand for The Quest for Speed and the Orange Monster Rally.

Using a level...get a level bead and mark the level where the underside/bottom of the track is and then put a mark above the lower mark where the top of the track is....

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