What's your favourite casting ?

AJdiecastracing Thursday, 5/27/2021

1/64 scale cars have been produced for many years and made thousands of cars, all different colours ,shapes and sizes...now...what's your favourite?


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RLoRacing 5/27/21

89 T-Bird Stocker

  • I had a feeling you'd say that! — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Lol I wonder how you knew! First car was a 94 T-Bird so that’s why it has sentimental value. — RLoRacing

Classic = Inside Story Van

Modern = 1970 Ford Escort RS1600

  • Classic: I wonder if it has anything to do with today’s event lol — RLoRacing
  • Well, those are the two castings I sent to KotM ("Tartan Titan" in the first tournament was mine). My borther and I had matching Inside Story vans as kids... the yellow one from 1980. The one that raced today is a 1979 Spiderman variant. More often than not, if a tournament's rules allow, I'll send an RS1600. I love building them. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Escorts are FAST!!! — AJdiecastracing
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Healer_Racing 5/27/21
2021 Rated Rookie

The Cadillac V-16!

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GoldenOwl 5/27/21

Hot Wheels Super Van and the 1977 Dodge Boogie Van!!

Fast and furious 61' impala -red

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Eather 57 Chevy, old-school Rodger dodger, or the Camaro z28

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SpyDude 6/9/21

Always liked the 57 Chevy, but I might have a few Nash's and Lethal Diesels .....

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WorpeX 6/9/21

Tons of favorites... I've always been partial to the fantasy castings personally. Speed Blaster and Way 2 Fast are probably my top 2 favorites. For real life cars, the Ferrari F40 is tops for me!

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