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What's your favourite casting ?

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Party Wagon!

Nowadays I see the original Twin Mill as the quintessential Hot Wheel.  My first favorite as a kid was a Spectraflame Aqua  '68 Custom Firebird.  Can't remember what fate befell that one, but it was replaced at some point as my go to by a white, red, and blue Flying Colors '57 T-Bird.  Still have that one.

My absolute fave "real" casting would be the WRX MINI Countryman...they only made it one year and in 2 it's super fave "fantasy" casting would have to be a tossup between the SurfCrate and the hard to list just 1...

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Scoupe 5/10/23

I love 442 casts in general, especially Flat-Out 442/4-4-2-Much, but those are a close 2nd to this: the redline-era Olds 442 cast. It's been updated a few times and even has shown up in the mainline a few times in the last 10 years, which is pretty nuts considering its 50-year heritage. This example is the Neo Classics Mattel Security car.

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GspeedR 5/10/23

As a kid, it was the Paddy Wagon. I think I wore out more Paddy Wagons than any other early casting. As an adult, it's the CUL8R FTE...speed and versatility in one package.

  • I was watching a Deal or No Deal listing of a Canadian issue Paddy Wagon (with the unique roof cap) and it sold for some $1900. What a world. — Scoupe
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redlinederby 5/10/23
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I'm always a sucker for the Dixie Challenger. It was one I remember playing with a lot when I was a kid. 

But these days, I'll pick up any sort of rally car or JDM. They just make me happy. I was excited when they added the Audi Quattro to the line-up.

  • It's been very nice to see the Asada Era bring such excellent well-proportioned and detailed casts to the mainline. I'm waiting for more Group B stuff (like the Peugeot 206 Evo II) and maybe a first-gen DSM to come to the fore. So many great cars waiting to be brought to our micro reality. — Scoupe

Depends what the fastest in my collection is. Papa loves speed not cars.

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SpyDude 5/10/23

Personally, the Lethal Diesel seems to be my current favorite. Low-slung, long wheelbase, no interior .... just plain badass. I can't seem to pass them up (I only have like two dozen of them!) Whenever I look at it, I think that this is what a bunch of insane hot rodders would do if they got their hands on a military HUMMV: chopped, sectioned, raked, slammed, with a monster motor and traditional hot-rod big-n-little wheels.

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FeralPatrick 5/10/23

My childhood fave is the Monza 2+2. When it broke I was crushed. I own a few - one to restore (orange) and 2 to eventually build as racers if/when the right race pops up.

My current fave is this sexy thing:

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