1 Huge Multi track Tournament!!! GARDEN SUPER SPEEDWAY PARK

Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill Friday, 5/13/2022

 Mail-in / Pick Your Team Tournament.

LOCATION;   Garden Super Speedway Park. Canada.

MAILING ADDRESS;   1966 Hwy 3 Cawston, V0X 1C2  British Columbia, Canada 

VIEWING EXPERIENCE;   (YouTube & Facebook);   Diecast MEGA G Down Hill 

Racing will commence July 2nd, 2022 Opening Ceremonies will coincide with Canada Day Celebrations July 1rst, 2022. Opening Ceremonies will include a "Meet & Greet Car Show" of all Teams, (Drivers and Cars / Trucks / Support & Transport Haulers). Preferably your team will arrive early, However, I will hold out for the last cars to arrive until the last possible mail delivery on July 1, 2022. (Any teams late will incure a points penalty of -5 every day late.) The Time period of Qualifying runs for start positions will be the points deduction Grace Period. After Qualifying is complete, there will no longer be any entrants aloud to compete. I do respect that sometimes there are mitigating circumstances out of your control as to why your team might be very late. Also, you put a great deal of time and effort in constructing your team.  Thus, I will put your team down the tracks you have chosen so you can see how well they perform. They will go down as exhibition only. NOT Competitively.

The following are all of the possible race classes based on vehicle scale and tracks. Teams may enter as many or as few Vehicles as they choose. UNDERSTANDABLY;   Not every team has a huge budget. Some teams have no budget at all. THEREFORE;   A limited number of preconstructed teams with varying scale classes will be made available for Pick Your Ride.

As I finalize the intricate rules and conditions for each individual track, I will list said details under each track heading.




WEIGHT;   Unlimited, (unless otherwise specified)

APPEARANCE;   Limited by only your imagination. All team vehicles should have a similar paint scheme. 

LUBRICATION;   1:64 scale vehicles Dry Lubed only.    1:32, 1:24, & 1:18 scale vehicles are encouraged to try sealed bearing applications. I understand that wet lube must be applied to bearings. SO, if you choose to go this route, I must insist on sealed bearings only. I don't want wet lubes leaking on my tracks from exposed bearing types. If no mods are conducted down this path, then Dry Lubed only. 

(((I plan to put links to short videos about each track for your reasurch and development processes)))

DINO RUN;   1:64, 1:32, 1:24  & 1:18 scales plus over sized Monster trucks!!

PHENIX HILLS;   1:64, 1:32, & 1:24.scale cars.

CENTER VALLEY DRAG;   1:64 scale only

ANACONDA 4×4 PATH;   1:64 & 1:32 scale trucks.

the CAGE MATCH;   1:64 scale only

(((I have only re-written up to here))) ((( the rest is still up for future editing and revision.)))


I have noticed that some tracks have NO to cars that have been seen on other tracks. I say BRING IT ON!!! pre-built and raced cars are encouraged. Please send them in with a full profile on their Racing History. Wins, losses, DNFS, Tacks raced, points achieved, and even what position the car finished in each race. THE MORE HISTORY THE BETTER.!!!

All of these tracks and channels are trying to create as life like a viewing experience as we are capable of. All the while sharing our passion for the hobby over great distances. So along those thinking lines, I believe that a car and driver that can amass a true history of wins and losses shared across multiple tracks  is way closer to real life. 

As per an example; How great would it be if Crazy Jimmy ????  and his Mighty Fiero were to be seen Racing all over North America in the same car, and winning ...... think about that I relationship to other big names in the sport of Diecast Racing. Builders, Cars, and drivers. Just like real life....

As far as classes go. (I know I said most likely 1 class.) I think there should at least be a few standards like ....

Domestic / Imports / 4×4 / Rally / IMSA / Indy-F1 / IHRA / Transport-Support Trucks / Super Hero-WWE Wrestling / Fantasy-Character Cars / Premium-Real Riders. / Demolition Derby Gymnastics.

Each of these can have a Total Stock, (Dry lubed only) and Fully Custom classes.

As far as modified cars goes. Some tracks, Stability and control are just as if not more important than straight line speed. With that in mind, suspension work is recommended. The ANACONDA 4×4 Path will have as a requirement for the modified class, full suspension for both the 1:64 & 1:32 scale cars. ALL brands will be accepted. ( Hint, Majorette cars may be slow, but have a distinct control advantage on tracks such as the Dino Run and Phenix Hills) Wheel swapping is encouraged. 1:32 cars have fixed wheels and pull back action for 2 different classes. I will not shy away from bearing applications as a separate class. Especially if applied to 1:24 & 1:18 scales. 

Special note; Demolition Derby Gymnastics, these cars are your messed up steering cars. They can't get off the HILL TOP DERBY. on the DINO RUN after the death box jump, Travers  the "Trampoline" and "Tumbling Pad" recover and continue down the final desert to the finish line or carry on for extra distance points. These cars get stopped on the Hill Top. Hopefully finish on their wheels and get Gymnastics style Tumbling points. 

I am debating on how many drives per team. I think drivets should be limited so that they have to drive several cars an several tracks.

From here on out, I would like your input on how to proceed. I know this is a huge undertaking. I know my current tournament is taking a long time due mostly to weather, however; as the seasons change I will have better and better weather inwhich to race.

In closing; the team with the most points acquired throughout the race season with be the Chapionship Winner and bubbed the LIGHTNING PHENIX MASTER..


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Endcount 5/15/22

Dang that's a lot of Diecast action happening! What is your channels name? Do you have pics or videos of all the different tracks? I think people  will want to see what they would be racing on so they can build the best vehicle for each track

  • I'm in the process of getting better pictures. Also. Check out the YouTube channel. Diecast MEGA G Down Hill — Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill
  • Also look up Build Journal, 5 Tracks, Garden Super Speedway Park. I have deleted old build Journals and am in the process of building a new build Journal topic. — Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill
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WallyChamp73 5/16/22

How do you sign up?!  This sounds awesome!

  • At this point, you can consider yourself signed up. I will however have to figure out how to use the Redline Derby Society sign up form. I am still very early in the planning stages. I have many details to be worked out. I am looking for suggestions and guidance on how to proceed inorder to conduct this tour successfully. . — Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill
  • Once you have the rules and the all the classes of cars clarified, create a timeline when the all the entries should be submitted. Once all the cars are in, have a "Meet and Greet" show detailing the Teams, type of cars for each and their racing history if any. I'm still think of more suggestions. More to come. — WallyChamp73
  • I think that is a great idea to have a "meet and greet" car show to kick off the tournament. Thank you for the feedback. I'll Hammer out the details on car/track classes and rules for each ASAP. — Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill
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neiana 5/17/22

That's actually pretty cool!  I just started preparing something very similar, myself, but the tracks I'll be doing are vastly different from yours, as I'll have a handful of tracks but they're all inside a room that's 7x10 plus my computer desk plus my bed lol   I'm looking forward to seeing yours progress! :D

  • Lol. The Cage Match is in my bedroom too. I have to find ways to hide my desk, shelving and bed from camera view. — Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill
  • Currently, as I have started rewriting my Build journal here, my YouTube channel has much more current track stats videos available to check out. Do some research on track conditions and which ones you want to enter cars and drivers for. Channel name for YouTube and Facebook are the same as my name here. — Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill
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