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2021 Diecast Games

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Count me in BP!

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SpyDude 4/30/21

So, stock entries only? Basically a rip-and-run? I think I can do this ....... Can we race a previously-raced car if it is completely stock?

  • Nooooooo, not a rip and run. Send in well lubed stocks. YouTube videos from last year to see the events. — Uncle_Elvis
  • Looks interesting .... was just checking out the videos. I may have to do this. — SpyDude
  • Aw, jeez, I forgot to put numbers on my cars ...... — SpyDude

Hey BPR,

  I would like 4 places this year.    1 for Po'Boy Racing from Southern USA.    1 for Marc D., 1 for Hot Car Track and 1 for Metal Mania 3D, all from Australia

I will send all 4 teams and please return back to me please.

Thanks, Po'Boy

Sounds like fun.  Count me in!

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MrDarq 5/2/21

Can you remove bodies to paint?

  • Only if they start to smell bad. — SpyDude
  • No. You may alter the color but not remove the bodies. We have no way of inspecting the car without tearing it apart. — Big_Poppy

Count me in.....


  • Download the form and send them in! — Big_Poppy
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Driepe51 5/4/21

I'm down to build a 4 car team!! 

  • Download the form and send them in! — Big_Poppy
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RAGTAG RACIN is up for the challange... pulled some stuff togther last night..... will start on lube and testing today after work....

  • if there are still open spots that is... — RAGTAG_JIM
  • As of yet I have not limited the number of teams. So send them on! — Big_Poppy
  • sounds good im only about 3 and half hours away from you lol..... I'm right outside of Knoxville TN — RAGTAG_JIM

I would love a 2 spots if possible one for my son and one for my daughter.   

Hi,  I would love to particpate!  How do I download the form?

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Peter_Bee 5/6/21

I enjoyed participating in this last year. In fact, this is the only event I plan on entering this year. This is by far the best diecast event of the year.

  • Glad your joining the race! — RIVERA_RACING
  • Well thanks Peter Bee! We love the participation.... — Big_Poppy

This sounds awesome.  Blue Wahoo Racing is definitely sending some cars for the games. 

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