Some optimism for new racers...just build it

72_Chevy_C10 Sunday, 4/14/2019

Hey Guys,

It seems like I've been taking a lot if trips down memory lane lately, with finding my old Hot Wheels and such. Well, I just did a little fix to my first ever winning modified car...this one...

The rear axle had popped loose a while ago, and since I'm kinda in the process of packing up my stuff, I thought I'd fix it up, before I packed it away.

Looking at how I had modified this car, It's really hard to believe how far this hobby has come over the last 5 years. This car is a Matchbox Super fast Javelin...and all that I really did to it was to fit the body down over a Nova fte chassis. You can see that I just hacked the Nova grill and taillights to fit...

Well, kinda fit, anyway. And I used steel weights from an HO train for added weight. This car was pretty rough...but, I didn't know any better. I didn't even glue in the axles! But, it was still a pretty fast car!

Getting to the point of this post, I just wanted to encourage people that are 'on the fence' about building a car to car here on RLD. Just do it! The first cars you build probably won't look that great, or be that fast, but you'll LEARN from it! You'll see how important it is to have your car up to the maximum'll see how important it is for your wheels to run straight and true. And, your next cars will be faster!

A good way to learn about these cars is to host an event. You'll see the cars that more experienced builders are running. And, you'll see that cars that are fast run straight and quiet.

With the quality of the videos in the current racing, it's hard to believe that there weren't videos back when we used to race. We just waited for the brackets to be posted to see how we did. This is what the race thread looked like for the Matchbox race that the Javelin won...

I've been fortunate to do pretty well through the years...and I've wanted to share what I've learned in the form of build threads and videos. This sport has come a long way over the last 5 years, and I think it has a bright future. 

I have some fun plans for the next version of my track, once I have a new location nailed down. And, I'm looking forward to hosting more events in the future...I don't know when, but, hopefully, within the next year.

Now, get out there and build some fast cars...try new things, and keep this sport growing. I'll pop back on here from time to time.

See ya in lane 2



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72_Chevy_C10 4/14/19

And, as a post script to the above post, here is the vehicle I got my first ever heat victory with...

So, yes, I've been using that same C10 casting for the last 5 years! This was for a 'transporter' race...your vehicle had to be transporting another was a race that Traction Event put together. I had two heat wins, with this truck and it's bare metal team mate, but I didn't win the series.

And, speaking of Traction Event, he has been at this longer than I have, so he can speak more about the early days of modified car racing...and what things were like...and, how far we've come.

P.S. that truck was on a Street Creeper chassis, and, as you can see, it was not using fte wheels or axles.

Guys.... zeros responses? This is part of what C-10 is refering to. Don't be afraid to get involved and support the community that supports you. My first racers were based on everything I knew from Pinewood derby... same principals... just smaller scale. I do remember 30-40 car fields in middleweight races. Not as much video coverage, but more enthusiasm.  Remember win, lose, or draw... it is all fun.  We are racing toy cars, and we should act like it. Nothing too serious.  For a long time all cars had FTE wheels and axles, after awhile I made a point to not use those and still be competitive.  It can be done.

Bottom line, you'll never know how you stack up unless you send in a few cars. Keep improving, and moving forward. Have fun, building the cars is more than half the fun.  And if you are here just for customizing, I still want to see what you create, post up.

Lane 2 is full, I'm racing....

  • Thanks TE...yes to everything you said :) — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Preach. FTEs not required, indeed. I've been witness to speed from "normal" parts time and time again. — redlinederby
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WorpeX 4/16/19

Hmmm I actually thought I did respond, but apparently I either never finished the message or forgot to hit publish comment.

2014 was right after the time I was very active, actually that event might have been a little after I stopped racing. At that time, I was the only one making videos for events!  Middleweight challenge, Chevelle Cup/Gasser Wars, Redline National League, LeMans Challenge and some featherweight challenge are all still on my youtube channel for when those events hit my track.

Nowadays, lots of people are taping and the video quality has gone up dramatically. I've definitely been left behind a bit, I gotta work on getting a better set-up!

Anyway, now you got me reminiscing too. Back on the subject, that truck is SICK! You can't tell at all that its a Street Creeper base.

  • Thanks...those cars were the early days of my building — 72_Chevy_C10
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72_Chevy_C10 4/25/19

I just found this on my work computer...this is how we used to find how we did. These were the results from the Javelin winning out in Oregon...some familiar people in this race

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CrazyEights 7/16/20

I'm optimistic about building my first mods. The power of positive thinking... Though they won't live up to expectations and they'll probably run faster sideways. 

I should use all cop cars so it'll look like they're chasing you down the track trying to arrest you. Lol!!!

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Chaos_Canyon 7/16/20

I'm busy concentrating on getting a new track built currently, then I can get back to modding cars - only done a couple so far but I was mostly doing 1/24scale customs for display, not racing so this hobby is a combo of both things which is awesome. 

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Mayfield41 7/16/20

I started in February, like most seen a video of 3D's track and though what in the hell did I just watch.  Then YouTube kept giving me more options of different videos and I thought how hard can that be.  Looks fun. I sought out a platform and found Redline Derby to be the best site as far as content. My first event was the February RLDL which I was smoked and made it a mission to do better. There is a lot of content on Redline and other videos to learn how to enhance your mods performance. I'm not fast, in fact I still lose to first round byes but I'm getting better and my routine has changed dramatically from just shoving weight through the window to doing ok job building. I have met some cool people through this and hopefully will be a threat someday but I am enjoying the ride and hopefully soon I will make a top 4 or 5. 

Quick shout out to some people who have helped me

Mattman213, Voxxer Racing, Rust Belt Racing and DXP racing. 

Thanks all for allowing me into your world, this is fun.

So if you are new and think where do I start, just start with what you think will work and go for it, who knows you might even build a winner.

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72_Chevy_C10 7/16/20

Hey Guys!

I've had different spells with this hobby where I have been super involved, and other spells when I just don't have the time (or, I'm distracted by other stuff). And, right now, I'm dipping my toe back in for a bit. (though, I have a new job and It looks like my welding classes will be running in the Fall, so...yikes!)

What I wanted to say is, it always surprises me to see my old posts pop back up in the feed :) This sport and Diecast in general have been a fun outlet for me for a long time...and, it's always fun to see new faces doing well, or asking questions on my youtube channel (just look up 'Chris Raab hot wheels' and you'll find it).

But, what I said on this earlier post still holds true...don't be afraid to try things and have fun with this hobby !

  • Do you mind if I get your channel into the DSPN report this week? — Chaos_Canyon
  • sure, no problem :) — 72_Chevy_C10
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redlinederby 7/17/20
Site manager

Like many new things you try, you won't be a great right away. Just because these are toy cars doesn't mean there's not a challenge lying inside. Yes, the barrier to entry here is very low...materials are cheap and readily available...but like any good game, it's easy to start yet hard to master. You gotta like a good challenge.

But you also have to enjoy the journey and not be in any hurry to get to the destination. This is very much a trial-and-error sport...and that's the fun. Or at least, it should be. Yet thankfully, modified racing isn't the only game in town, especially in the wake of all the 3DBotMaker popularity.

If you've tried your hand at modding and just aren't getting out of it what you want, don't fret...maybe explore the stock racing side of diecast racing. Most mail-in races allow stock entries, and there is no shortage of pick 'em style racing to watch and participate in virtually.

I can't empathize enough the..."Honor the Process" part of this Sport...and trust me...after you've Built some competitive'll Build some Duds...even though you've honored the process...that's called the Riddle of Speed and it's constant and unrelenting...

...but always remember...

...the Quest for Speed is Eternal 

...Good Luck on Your Quest 

  • My RAM build for KOTM was originally inspired by Chris Raab form earlier last year. He does have some great youtube videos, like you do. Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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RAGTAG_JIM 7/23/20

At the begining of march i had gone downt to florida on vacation... come back and work told me to quarenteen for 14 days.... in the 14 days i found diecast racing.... i was hooked right away.... now mind you i was modding car before that but they were made to put on a shelf and not touched... but after seeing the racing i fell in loved and so has my daughter... we both have sent in cars to KoTM and the qualified... wich we wer serprised that they made them down the track lol.... Now in this short amount of time i believe that the cars that i just sent in to 3 different races would beat the crap outta our first to by a mile.... but i have talked to alot of different builders and have learned alot from them, plus learned some stuff on my own as well...

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