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model40fan 9/19/13

Just think, a few years years down the road when these FTEs become scarce. We can personally thank Smitty and Carl for making us rich as they continue to hoard and destroy the rest of them for their racers.

Forget investing in gold. Invest in Way 2 Fast FTEs.

CHARLES SCWAB has nothing on IOWASTOCKCARS as iowa suggested we buy FTE way 2 how did he know yesterday, that Bernie listed 2 '05 FTE way 2 fast today ? ... yeh, i drank the cool-aid !

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model40fan 9/26/13

just spoke with Bernie... he said that some customers put cars in their cart... but didn't check out... after a short time others can buy them from your cart... so "check out" and leave a note in the instructions box saying you may buy more later... this saves your cars... also checkout is 4 pages / boxes to will tell you when you're done at checkout!

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Milton-Fox 10/16/13

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Found this at a local $ General this week!

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EconoCarl 10/17/13

Those later 2011 and 2012 FTEs don't work too well. The protruded spokes 'grab' the side of the track.

The early 2011 and older ones are much better for racing, and the Ferrari 348 is one of the faster stock cars:
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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iowastockcars 10/17/13

Had to make a trip to Des Moines last week and saw a place that had been advertising Hot Wheels at $1 each. Stopped in and they had the Bugatti Veyron FTE car. Picked it up, just because I had heard that Mattell had lost the licensing agreement with Bugatti which is sending the price of the cars way up.

Got home and looked on E-Bay and this car is going in the $10-$20+ range because of that. Will keep that one in the package.

And that is the Ferrari 458 FTE not 348. I have found that the silver versions are faster than the blue versions.

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redlinederby 10/17/13
Site manager

Guess I should have bout more Veyrons! Oh wells...

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