Build Journal: Korea 1:64 scale track

Darae_KoreaDiecastRacing Thursday, 6/22/2023


Here is Republic of Korea. Incheon city.

I have been visiting this site often.

Most of the tracks are from abroad.

So, I'm also going to try to make a track once.

I have always loved car racing.

I started watching 3dmotmaker's video on youtube and was impressed.

It is difficult to find hotwheel products in Korea, so I usually use ebay.

Vehicles are easy to find, but tracks are hard to find.

The crash racer track is currently waiting for delivery, and a diorama to be installed on the track is also being prepared.

Fat track is not available in Korea, so I'm looking for it on ebay, but the shipping cost is more expensive than the product price.

The track plan is about 720 cm (23.62 ft).

My English is at the level of an 8-year-old child, so I use Google Translate, but I want to do well.

I hope you support and communicate a lot.

Thank you!

Pipes for the track and stand have not yet arrived, so I only tested cornering with the track.


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Chaos_Canyon 6/23/23

Cool. Enjoy the build process. It can be time consuming, but should also be fun.

  • I'm currently waiting for the Crash Racer track to come from the US. I also got a hot wheels straight track.I'll have fun! thank you! — Darae_KoreaDiecastRacing
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dr_dodge 6/23/23


lots of good information here!

looking forward to the build pics


  • No matter how much I search, this site is the best for track-related information. Got another Crash Racer track today. I'm going to start working on the track base from next week! thanks for the comment! — Darae_KoreaDiecastRacing
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EnZedRacing 6/27/23

There are many tracks from all different countries with the best being from New Zealand (of course)  :)

Good luck with your build. 


oh let him cook.

let him cook now! This one lookin to be pretty sweet yo, can't wait to see it finished.

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Andguy201 7/5/23

looks like a great track my friend

I am in the process of planning a design also

Now, if come with a starter and a 45 degree bank, the track setting will be complete.
It hasn't been delivered yet, so I tried using the Crash Racer parts for a short time as a 45 degree substitute.

All track parts have finally arrived.

The frame was made of PVC pipe, but it was judged to be too weak, so it was replaced with a steel frame.

The track was worked a little shorter than before.

I'm cutting the compressed styrofoam to make the terrain, and I'm currently straightening the bent part.

The start gate and timer also arrived, tested and completed.

  • looks good so far. when gluing to the pink foam, lightly sand the surface with the writting on it to remove traces of mold release. That will make white/wood glue stick better. — dr_dodge
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Slanman 8/2/23

It's looking good! You'll have to come build my track next!

I made a rocky mountain in the form of a diorama, laid the grass, and worked on the lighting.

However, I found a big problem here.

Retirement occurs too often.

So, as a result of thinking over the weekend, I'm going to destroy all of them and design and make a new one.

I wanted to race 4 cars on an open track, but I'm trying to make a more stable course with dual lanes.

Also, I would like to run a two-car race in a tournament style.

I think I will have to wait for slanman's custom delivery for a while.

America is a country that is both near and far.

  • trial and more trial, change, and repeat...I have changed the one corner I have 1/2 dozen times so far, sometimes better, sometimes, not so much. good luck! keep posting! — dr_dodge
  • I too, am in the process of tuning my track. It may be a trick of the light, but if you are getting a lot of DNFs, or 'retirements', that back stretch of track looks like it warps a bit. You should get some of Slanmans track connectors and use them along the length of the track to hold it firm and rigid. — StarCorps

Track 3D printing is complete.

The floor was originally made of grass, but because a lot of powder was blown, a concrete sheet was used as the foundation.

The dimensions were checked using 3D design, the wood was cut, and test driving was also completed.

Now all that remains is FAT track straight printing, diorama, and background work.

ah! And I upgraded the track by making it 1m wider than the first track, making it twice the length of the existing track!

p.s. I would like to thank Spoolheads for their help with 3D printing.

  • looking good — dr_dodge
  • Very cool to see a road course with lanes throughout. Nice job! — redlinederby
  • This looks great and I like the two lanes which should provide exciting racing — Phil_NWA1
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FredD 9/2/23

Very nice! Keep at it. Don't worry about the english... I've seen much worse from people who actually speak english as their first and only language!


The track is not yet fully completed.

Buildings and parking lots in empty spaces
And in order to make it feel like a racing league is being held in Korea, we are working on building models for Hyundai, Kia, Hankook Tire, etc.

There are still many things to add to the diorama, such as the placement of figures and parking lines, so this is currently in progress.

I'm uploading photos as I finish the weekend.

As soon as the track is completed, we will work to ensure that you can see the first die-cast racing league held in Korea.

p.s. Even in Korea, I like McDonald's and Starbucks, so I'm going to include two.

  • that looks amazing! — dr_dodge
  • This is incredible. Great job! — FirstTakers
  • That back drop and skyline is awesome...should show up well if you do videos and stuff. — redlinederby
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